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  1. Want Lists
    Looking for these 3 1:64 Action/RCCA cars if anyone has one for sale. Do not have to be packaged and would also be interested in 'elite' versions. PayPal standing by! Thanks! 2005 Sterling Marlin 2006 Kevin Harvick 2010 Jimmie Johnson
  2. Collector Chat
    Does anyone know if this paint scheme ever saw the track? I can't seem to find any photos of a real car. Cool looking die-cast in my opinion.
  3. Want Lists
    I am looking for a Sterling Marlin 2005 Coors Light 1:64 scale Dodge Charger RCCA/Action Dodge Charger. I have the Winner's Circle version but want the hood open version or the Elite version (loose or boxed). New to Die Cast Crazy and first post! Thank you!!!!
  4. Collector Chat
    Does anyone happen to know how many of his wins have been made in 1/64? My list so far is: 2007 Bristol 2015 Homestead 2016 Kansas 2017 pocono 2017 all star 2018 Chicagoland 2019 atlanta and vegas trucks 2019 200th win 2019 Homestead
  5. Want Lists
    Currently looking for the following cars to add to my collection. 2008 Landon Cassill National Guard (1:64) 2013 Landon Cassill/Mike Wallace G&K Services Promo (wanting one 1:24 and two 1:64s) 2015 Landon Cassill O'Reilly Auto Parts/CRC Automotive Promo (1:24) 2013 Ron Fellows Canadian Tire...
  6. Promotional Diecast
    So so soooooo happy to finally get these in the mail today. It doesn't have any official Cassill branding, but it used the scheme and number from his Hillman Racing Chevy.
  7. Promotional Diecast
    Here's an interesting and surprising (to me, at least) promo 1:64...This kid is barely out of mini-stocks! Zachary Tinkle #53 2015 Action Gold Series 1:64 DieCast Nascar Left Paw Press
  8. Want Lists
    See 7/2018 updated list elsewhere...
  9. Promotional Diecast
    So a neat find, if anyone is looking for any of the Robby Gordon Speed Energy promos from 2011, Speed Energy still sells them on their store and has them heavily on sale. I'm linking below, but they have the yellow and pink 1:24 diecasts for $10 and the orange and pink 1:64 diecasts for $5...
  10. eBay® eXpress
    *link*: HUGE NASCAR 1:64 DIECAST LOT Tony Stewart Kyle Busch Dale Earnhardt + 2007-2011 | eBay Hi all, I'll be selling off my 1/64 diecast collection, so I thought you guys would like a heads up on the action! Here's the description and list right from the eBay listing: Up for bids a HUGE...
  11. Promotional Diecast
    I decided to make this thread as I'm a fan of the trucks and sadly their 1:64 releases have been downgraded to rare promos. And I figured this would be a great way for anyone in this thread and I to learn about new promos for 1:64 trucks
  12. 2016 Landon Cassill Snap Fitness

    Both scales. Set them up with an autographed piece of Landon's Snap car from the spring Bristol race. #38nice
  13. Want Lists
    Also need the Winner's Circle 2005 raced version car, willing to buy or trade.
  14. Collector Classifieds
    Hi guys, I'm now deciding to sell my 1:64 collection. However, I'm not sure what people might be looking for here. So I'm posting this to see who's interested before posting the list. I have a large collection of 1:64 cars from 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011. Other than that, there are some...
  15. Collector Chat
    Was searching on eBay, and FOUND THIS! The Error is the Card is upside down. ERROR Mark Martin #6 Valvoline 1:64 Racing Champions c.1991 ERROR
  16. Show and Tell
    Yet another piece in my collection, Yes, I removed it's display base so I could use it in stop motions every now and then. Liked this simple scheme, If only they didn't get rid of Budweiser and replaced it with Busch.
  17. Show and Tell
    Here's another piece in my collection, Yes, this is made by Action Racing Collectibles because It has an opening hood and synthetic rubber tires, Always was A fan of the #28 RYR Texaco-Havoline schemes, Hope you guys enjoy another piece in my collection!
1-17 of 17 Results