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  1. Want Lists
    I know they're rare to come across but there are people out there who have them. Mainly looking for AJ Allmendinger's #84 Camry but would also love to find Brian Vicker's #83. Doesn't matter if they're in package or loose, I'd even be cool with a few scratches. If any of you guys have either of...
  2. Show and Tell
    The owner of the local funeral home is a regular at the Casey's I work at, and last night, he came in and his Christmas present for me and my co-worker who was there was to give us each $50 to spend on ourselves. So I figured I'd go to the little shop a block away from my house that has some...
  3. Lionel NASCAR® Collectibles
    Unfortunately, Kasey Kahne announced his retirement from NASCAR yesterday. His last race was at Darlington and this Throwback Car is now his Last Ride diecast which needs more orders to be produced. Make sure to get your orders in! This diecast was previously cancelled and is being given a...
  4. Collector Classifieds
    I am looking to sell my entire NASCAR diecast collection. It consists mostly of Dale Sr and Dale Jr 1/24 scale cars. I want to sell the entire collection together so I don’t have to sell it piece by piece on eBay. I have every raced version car for both drivers along with the complete movie 12...
  5. Lionel NASCAR® Collectibles
    The earliest shipment date I've seen from Lionel is 2/17/18 on the Logano AAA car. In past years, we've gotten cars in January before the 500, but it seems like Lionel is behind. Has this ever happened before?
  6. Promotional Diecast
    Here's an interesting and surprising (to me, at least) promo 1:64...This kid is barely out of mini-stocks! Zachary Tinkle #53 2015 Action Gold Series 1:64 DieCast Nascar Left Paw Press
  7. Lionel NASCAR® Collectibles
    Anyone have one to sell or know where I can get a Reed Sorenson Hauling Bass or Donald Trump Car in 1/64?
  8. Collector Classifieds
    I have a full set of these 1/64 that I'd sell to a good home, if interested PM me.
  9. Want Lists
    Does anyone have one of these Levi Garrett cars? Willing to work out a deal, let me know.
  10. Want Lists
    Also need the Winner's Circle 2005 raced version car, willing to buy or trade.
  11. Collector Classifieds
    Hi guys, I'm now deciding to sell my 1:64 collection. However, I'm not sure what people might be looking for here. So I'm posting this to see who's interested before posting the list. I have a large collection of 1:64 cars from 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011. Other than that, there are some...
  12. Collector Classifieds
    Hello, I'm brand new to the forum so I think I should start by introducing myself. My names Jesse and I'm a long time collector of all things NASCAR related. I especially like Diecast. The problem here, is that I'm moving out to a much smaller place and need to get rid of a lot of my collection...
  13. Trading Post
    I am looking for Sterling Marlin's 2007 Waste Management 1/64 car of yesterday diecast. I am willing to trade 1/64 scale NASCAR diecast from 2007 for this car. I've been looking for this car forever. Reply which 2007 1/64 nascar diecast you want for the Sterling Marlin Waste Management car 1/64...
  14. Want Lists
    Looking for Sterling Marlin's 2007 1/64 Waste Management COY. Willing to pay for this car.
  15. Show and Tell
    Been a month or so since I've posted any new adds. Here's what I've been up to. Kyle Larson 1/64 2015 Viva Vantage by ThePiedPiper posted Aug 27, 2015 at 8:03 PM Dewshine and more by ThePiedPiper posted Aug 6, 2015 at 7:19 PM Dale Jr Talladega win and more by ThePiedPiper posted Sep 3...
1-18 of 18 Results