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  1. Want Lists
    Looking for the following watkins glen raced wins, all regular ARC, no special finishes, elites, or autos: 2010 Montoya 2011 Ambrose 2012 Ambrose PM me if you are open to selling, thanks!
  2. Want Lists
    Looking for Kasey Kahne the most, prefer the elite Kasey Kahne but either will do. Thanks for your help.
  3. Want Lists
    Hoping someone here could help me with my quest. Looking for a 2011 Trevor Bayne NESN Promo 1/24. Arguably the hardest to find Bayne that was produced by Lionel. I'm a huge Bayne fan/collector, and a big fan of New England sports teams, so this is a must have for my collection. If anyone here...
  4. Show and Tell
    Yet another piece in my collection, Yes, I removed it's display base so I could use it in stop motions every now and then. Liked this simple scheme, If only they didn't get rid of Budweiser and replaced it with Busch.
1-12 of 12 Results