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  1. Collector Classifieds
    Have a few cars for sale. Prices are shipped OBO. Will deal on multiples. Or will trade for Dover wins. Dale Jr Born On Date gold chrome winner SOLD Dale Jr 57 Chevy SOLD Bill Elliott Thunderbat Bank$25 Cartoon Network and Wood Brothers haulers $25 Marathon Oil Promo $15
  2. Want Lists
    Looking to complete a daytona 500 winner collection, any help with either of these would be appreciated! I know they are from the action historical line.
  3. Collector Classifieds
    Have some excess garage sale finds that I would like to get rid of cheaply. None of them have boxes but I can safely secure them for shipping if sold. Some of the cars are older Elite versions including the Jeff Gordon Rainbow scheme and Bill Elliott Mac Tonight scheme. Please let me know if...
  4. Collector Classifieds
    Hey Everyone, In my search for a die cast display case I also inherited a collection of 40 random NASCAR die casts. Below are pictures of the cars that I will receive. Please let me know if anyone has interest in them (even willing to take offers) and maybe what some of them are. I know most...
1-4 of 4 Results