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    Hey All, Listed 40 more auctions this evening so please have a look - I have some more rare and desirable cars so get 'em while you can! eas7718 | eBay RARE 1/24 Brad Keselowski #25 2008 GoDaddy.com Elite NASCAR Diecast *PRE ROOKIE* RARE AUTOGRAPHED 1/24 Kevin Harvick #29 2010 Pennzoil Ultra...
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    Hey guys :) Just started a new job at Coca Cola today!! So Im going to be able to go for some rarer cars on my Brad Keselowski 1/24 list. Here it is: 2008 Salute the Troops Elite $150 2008 GoDaddy #25 Elite $130 2009/10 Penske Elite $130 2009 Talladega Win Elite $275 2011 Kansas Win Elite $200...