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  1. Trading Post
    Hey, looking to trade my 2014 Elliott Texas win (Auto'ed) for any of these: 1. Joey Logano Bristol Dirt Win Elite 2. Tyler Reddick 2017 or 2018 (Cant remember) Dega Win 3. Chase Elliott 2018 Watkins Glenn (OR DOVER OR KANSAS) Win 4. Chase Elliott 2021 Bristol Dirt Raced Version Elite Autographed
  2. Lionel NASCAR® Collectibles
    I bought this car last year, but when it came, there is some kind of rubbery plastic inside the holes on the bottom of the plastic plate the car comes mounted on. I can’t get to the screws so I can Unmount the car and display it. Here’s a look at it: How am I supposed to get this thing off...
  3. Want Lists
    I'm looking for a Brad Keselowski 1/64 standard paint scheme. I know they're rare, willing to trade the 2012 Keselowski American Salute car plus cash, pay cash only, or trade a 2015 Chase Elliott NAPA #25 1/24.
  4. Trading Post
    Open to trade 2015 Chase Elliott 1/24 #25 NAPA or buy.
  5. NASCAR Authentics
    Page 48 of the Magazine Roar. "Lionel Racing is getting in on the fun, too. In addition to producing 1:24 scale Darlington throwback Diecast, the company is also offering many of the throwback paint schemes in 1:64 scale as part of its Nascar Authentics line. The first 15 cars are set to hit...
  6. Show and Tell
    Some new additions to my collection have been rolling in. A big thanks to eas for selling me more and more Juniors. Super pumped about finding the Chase Elliott Truck as well!
  7. Want Lists
    Would like to find either the raced version or clean version of this 2013 truck without paying over 200 bucks for it :/
  8. Show and Tell
    Updated Collection with new oak display case: Two and a half new sides filled with more Dale Jr. awesomeness... An autographed 1:64 JR Motorsports Hauler that I won straight from Dale Jr. on Twitter: The first side of my diecast display case contains some of my favorite Dale Jr...
1-8 of 8 Results