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  1. Lionel NASCAR® Collectibles
    I bought this car last year, but when it came, there is some kind of rubbery plastic inside the holes on the bottom of the plastic plate the car comes mounted on. I can’t get to the screws so I can Unmount the car and display it. Here’s a look at it: How am I supposed to get this thing off...
  2. Custom Cars
    Hill motorsports truck #56
  3. Show and Tell
    I was able to add two more autos to this one. Got BJ McLeod (owner) and Tommy Joe Martins (also drives for this team). It was pretty cool of both of them to take notice and talk to me for a quick minute about the car. And they seemed as excited to sign it, as I was to get it signed. Pretty...
  4. Custom Cars
    Kyle Larson #32 car. His #32 cars were my favs
  5. Show and Tell
    Updated Collection with new oak display case: Two and a half new sides filled with more Dale Jr. awesomeness... An autographed 1:64 JR Motorsports Hauler that I won straight from Dale Jr. on Twitter: The first side of my diecast display case contains some of my favorite Dale Jr...
  6. Show and Tell
    Found a beauty today at the local flea market for $4.00! 1981 petty chevy van, unfortunately no Richard mini figure. Found some other goodies too, be on the lookout for a video soon. Mills
1-6 of 6 Results