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  1. Want Lists
    I’m looking to have some fully custom work for either a 2000’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo Late Model Stock car or a 1995 Kudzu DG-3 or 1996 Kudzu DLM. I am willing to pay top dollar for any/all of these.
  2. Customizing 101
    What’s the best method to get a Matte finish when making a custom diecast?
  3. Custom Cars
    Hill motorsports truck #56
  4. Show and Tell
    I was able to add two more autos to this one. Got BJ McLeod (owner) and Tommy Joe Martins (also drives for this team). It was pretty cool of both of them to take notice and talk to me for a quick minute about the car. And they seemed as excited to sign it, as I was to get it signed. Pretty...
  5. Custom Cars
    Ill Pay 40$ For It And The Car Would Be #07 Clint Bowyer Jack Daniels (Not The Cot Version)
  6. Want Lists
    Im Willing To Pay 40 For This Car (Not The COT Version)
  7. Custom Cars
    Did a Russ Wheeler custom. It came out ok overall. Working on the exxon51 next :cheers:
  8. Customizing 101
    Can anyone recommend a specific decal paper? I would like to try and print some and need to know what to get. Thanks
  9. Want Lists
    Looking for any Elliott Sadler customs or quality makers. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Custom Cars
    Where can I find somebody who can custom make me some decals? My plan is simple... Because the car looks identical to the paint scheme that is produced aside from the hood, I am going to have the custom hood decals printed. I will then sand and polish the hood down to the paint surface, taking...
1-11 of 19 Results