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  1. The NASCAR Diecast Museum
    My aim is to collect one standard paint scheme Diecast from each year of Jeff Gordon’s career. I have every single year except 1996... I can’t find a single Diecast that looks legit for this specific year. Everything looks like a toy, or the body looks like a Lumina that just has a Monte Carlo...
  2. Jeff Gordon #24 Dupont Chromalusion

    This was a special car for The Winston in 1998 but only finished 16th
  3. Collector Chat
    Hey everyone, So I've been confused on one particular diecast I still need for my collection and wanted to reach out to see if anyone knew the particulars on the different versions. So, Jeff Gordon's 75th race win from Chicago. I've seen multiple versions of this. The standard one which is...
1-3 of 3 Results