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  1. For Sale NASCAR Elites

    Collector Classifieds
    Hey y’all. I’ve got these Elites and a couple ARC cars for sale. All do have their boxes and have been in plastic totes in my attic. The cars have been displayed in a case. I’m asking $80 for the elites, $60 for the Kahne, $60 for the Gordon raw and $30 for the Gordon Pepsi Stuff. Some do have...
    $80 USD
  2. Collector Classifieds
    I have 4 cars that are for sale. 2020 #4 Kevin Harvick Busch Light Apple All Star Race (4 different finishes) Elite Standard - $90 Shipped Elite Galaxy Color - $90 Shipped Elite Color Chrome - $90 Shipped Elite Liquid Color - $90 Shipped
  3. Want Lists
    Looking for these 3 1:64 Action/RCCA cars if anyone has one for sale. Do not have to be packaged and would also be interested in 'elite' versions. PayPal standing by! Thanks! 2005 Sterling Marlin 2006 Kevin Harvick 2010 Jimmie Johnson
  4. Want Lists
    I am looking for a Sterling Marlin 2005 Coors Light 1:64 scale Dodge Charger RCCA/Action Dodge Charger. I have the Winner's Circle version but want the hood open version or the Elite version (loose or boxed). New to Die Cast Crazy and first post! Thank you!!!!
  5. Collector Chat
    Even better, I found one of his 2014 Daytona Wins that doesn't require me to fork over a massive sum of money.
  6. Want Lists
    Doing a chassis swap on a couple cars, looking to purchase the following: 2001 Elite Pontiac 1:24 chassis 2005 Action Monte Carlo 1:24 chassis Also, does anyone know why not all 2001 elite cars feature hood/trunk tethers? We're they not included on early year releases?
  7. Collector Chat
    $51.95 for it? Gonna have to get this next.
  8. eBay® eXpress
    2004 Action Elite 1/24 Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe's/ Atlanta Race Win Monte Carlo | eBay
  9. eBay® eXpress
    Austin Dillon #3 Advocare 2013 Camaro Elite 1 of 300 1/24 scale | eBay
  10. Show and Tell
    Now onto the drivers where I (currently) have only one from each driver. Kevin Harvick 2002 RCCA Club Goodwrench 1/2-Clear Monte Carlo - #1813 of 2508 Austin Dillon 2014 RCCA Elite DOW Vintage Finish SS - #20 of 24 Elliott Sadler 2008 ARC Platinum Siemens Charger - #284 of 853 - Signed Ken...
  11. Show and Tell
    Well, now onto the Dale Jr.'s in my collection. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2007 Owners Elite 1:64 Budweiser Monte Carlo - #416 of 2007 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2010 ARC Platinum National Guard Brushed Metal - #69 (yes, my inner 12 year-old giggled when I saw what number it was) of 215 (^ ordered that with the...
  12. Show and Tell
    Since I have two cars from each driver, I might as well put them all into one post, before I do posts with the drivers I only have one car from each driver, with my Mark Martins & Dale Jr.'s (forgot to put Dale Jr. in the title because I forgot I had two of his, and now it's too late), and then...
  13. Show and Tell
    For the second post breaking down my collection, might as well show off the Tony Stewarts. 1999 RCCA Elite Habitat for Humanity - #646 of 5000 - possible connection to QVC 2011 ARC Platinum Honoring our Heroes Brushed Metal - #63 of 114 2016 ARC Platinum Bass Pro Shops - #2004 of 2245 - signed
  14. Show and Tell
    For my first post that involves breaking down my collection, I figured I'd post photos of all my Ryan Newmans. So, here they are. 2002 Team Caliber Owners Series Rookie of the Year Blue Chrome - #980 of 2400 2003 Team Caliber Owners Series Intrepid -#3456 of 7560 2006 Team Caliber Owners Series...
  15. Collector Classifieds
    Hello All, As some of you know, I sold my collection off on eBay for over the last year or so. However, I intended to keep about 2 dozen Harvick and JJ Elites but I'm now floating them on here to see what I can get. Below is the list of the cars, so send me an offer if you are interested and I...
  16. eBay® eXpress
    Welp, this is it folks. After selling off just about all of my collection over the last year, this is my last wave and what a selection it is! Some of the rarest and most sought-after cars there are - Under the Lights, Blue Angels, Pepsi Challenger Retro, Homestead Tribute, and much more. You...
  17. eBay® eXpress
    Hey All, Listed 40 more auctions this evening so please have a look - I have some more rare and desirable cars so get 'em while you can! Also, this is my second to last wave of NASCAR diecast auctions so be sure to get on these auctions! eas7718 | eBay RARE 1/24 Dale Earnhardt Sr #3 1997 GM...
  18. eBay® eXpress
    Hey All, Listed 40 more auctions this evening so please have a look - I have some more rare and desirable cars so get 'em while you can! eas7718 | eBay RARE 1/24 Brad Keselowski #25 2008 GoDaddy.com Elite NASCAR Diecast *PRE ROOKIE* RARE AUTOGRAPHED 1/24 Kevin Harvick #29 2010 Pennzoil Ultra...
  19. eBay® eXpress
    Hey All, Listed 40 more auctions this evening so please have a look - I have some SUPER rare cars so get 'em while you can! eas7718 | eBay RARE 1/24 Jeff Gordon #24 2010 DuPont National Law Enforcement Fund Elite RARE 1/24 Dale Earnhardt Jr #8 2007 Budweiser Elvis 30th Elite NASCAR Diecast...
  20. Show and Tell
    2006 Elliott Sadler M&M's White Gold Elite 2006 Elliott Sadler M&M's Color Chrome Elite 2005 Elliott Sadler Star Wars M&M's Elite Autographed 2005 Elliott Sadler M&M's Brushed Metal Elite 2015 Clint Bowyer Peak Toyota
1-20 of 31 Results