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  1. Collector Classifieds
    2005 Elliott Sadler Halloween ARC - Box has wear -$25 Shipped 2006 Elliott Sadler M&M's Standard Scheme Club Car - Slight scratch on hood, looks like it may have been touched up at factory - $25 Shipped 2006 Elliott Sadler Pirates Of The Caribbean ARC - $25 Shipped Or $50 Shipped for all three...
  2. Show and Tell
    Got my Sadler prototype today. Great looking car and the differences make this a great addition to my collection.
  3. Show and Tell
    Now onto the drivers where I (currently) have only one from each driver. Kevin Harvick 2002 RCCA Club Goodwrench 1/2-Clear Monte Carlo - #1813 of 2508 Austin Dillon 2014 RCCA Elite DOW Vintage Finish SS - #20 of 24 Elliott Sadler 2008 ARC Platinum Siemens Charger - #284 of 853 - Signed Ken...
  4. Show and Tell
    Been looking for one of these for a while now and finally found one. So excited.
  5. Show and Tell
    Just bought this because I have never seen one before, but not sure if it is real or a custom. Anyone have one or have any info on it? MoparBob
  6. Show and Tell
    2006 Elliott Sadler M&M's White Gold Elite 2006 Elliott Sadler M&M's Color Chrome Elite 2005 Elliott Sadler Star Wars M&M's Elite Autographed 2005 Elliott Sadler M&M's Brushed Metal Elite 2015 Clint Bowyer Peak Toyota
  7. Show and Tell
    Here is my second prototype. Happy I got to secure this one.
  8. Show and Tell
    This is probably my favorite piece I have in my collection. Had it in the shed since I got it last Summer. It's the hood off of the controversial Talladega win car.
  9. Show and Tell
    2002 Robby Gordon Cingular Wireless Looney Tunes Pepe LePew Quarter Panel Autographed by sadlerfan_19 posted Mar 21, 2017 at 9:10 PM2013 Elliott Sadler OneMain Financial Pink Quarter Panel by sadlerfan_19 posted Mar 21, 2017 at 9:10 PM2013 Elliott Sadler OneMain Financial Pink Door by...
  10. Collector Classifieds
    Have a few Elliott Sadler cars for sale. Also have two Racing Champions cars. Make Offer: 2000 Wood Brothers 60's Scheme Citgo (Revell) #63 Exxon (Racing Champions) Marathon Oil (Racing Champions) 2008 Stanley Breast Cancer Awareness (Action) $80 shipped Sold: 2001 Air Force Scheme (Team...
  11. Want Lists
    I know this is probably a shot in the dark with how rare this car is but if anybody knows of one or has one they would like to part with please let me know. This is one of the few cars I need to finish off my collection other than customs. Thank you
1-11 of 11 Results