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  1. FREE Giveaways
    Stay tuned to this thread tonight (Oct. 5th, 2018) for further details. This will be open to all members. If in Canada, I'll use the most inexpensive shipping method...
  2. FREE Giveaways
    Actually they are looking for participants for a FREE GIVEAWAY CONTEST, EXCLUSIVE to Diecast CraZy members to which they are sponsoring and donating some sweet merch. Giveaway Rules: Members are asked to guess a number between 1-1000. Only one (1) guess per member. We will use Random.org to...
  3. FREE Giveaways
    This is probably the majority of out members now... LOL. Anyway, if you have any question who the DiecastCraZiest member here is, :confused::wacky::woot: let me set the table for you. I am going to RAOK not one, not two, not three, but FOUR cars out of my collection as a free giveaway (see...
1-3 of 3 Results