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  1. Collector Chat
    Attention everyone who knew Loose Lugnut (my late husband): His huge collection, plus more will be available in 2 online auctions by Liveauctioneers.com First sale is November 5, 2022 at 5:00 pm EDT Van Byars Auction Sports Memorabilia & Collection, Session 1 Please share! Second sale coming...
  2. Show and Tell
    Evolving the "30 years" theme of my last two show and tell posts, the theme of this post will be 3 Generations of Racing. Here we have the Action set featuring Ralph Earnhardt's Camaro, Dale Earnhardt's Monte Carlo and Dale Earnhardt Jr's Monte Carlo. Next up is the Hot Wheels 100%...
  3. Show and Tell
    Mark Martin 1995 Racing Champions 1996 Preview Valvoline Thunderbird - Signed Mark Martin 1999 Racing Champions 24K Gold Valvoline Taurus - #2700 of 4999 - Signed Mark Martin 2002 Hot Wheels Pfizer Taurus - Signed Mark Martin 2002 Team Caliber Preferred Series Kraft/Tombstone Taurus - One of...
  4. Show and Tell
    For my first ever post on Diecast CraZy, I figured I'd show off my entire collection. If you have questions about the specifics of each diecast, feel free to ask. And please forgive the photo quality.
  5. YouTube Showcase
    Greetings all, I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year... Here are some of my latest finds. As always enjoy!
  6. YouTube Showcase
    My latest pick up video is now posted. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer... Enjoy,
  7. Hot Wheels
    Hi folks, I'm trying to identify and / or value this Hot Wheels store display rack for a relative. Approx. 4 or 5 feet high, pegboard interior for displaying carded cars, date unknown, but likely 2000's? Possibly came from a Canada Safeway. Similar to a toddlers bed, but made only for store...
  8. YouTube Showcase
    Some keepers for the collection in this haul! Thanks for watching... I really appreciate your comments, I wouldn't know half about the hobby it wasn't for your knowledge and passion. Keep the hobby strong. Mills
  9. YouTube Showcase
    Just a quick video on some new additions... Enjoy
  10. YouTube Showcase
    The summer picking season is here... Some of my latest pick ups. Enjoy... Mills
  11. eBay® eXpress
    Just in time for the holidays! That's right, 63 Hot Wheels all in one lot! Well, one Johnny Lightning and a few Maistro but the vast majority are Hot Wheels! All are UNOPENED and in their original packaging! Images for every car included - lot of scrolling but well worth it! Thanks for taking a...
  12. YouTube Showcase
    Here are my pick ups for the month of August, 2015! Enjoy! Mills
1-12 of 12 Results