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  1. Collector Chat
    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, let me know. As a relatively young NASCAR diecast collector, I was late to the collecting party as I did not have money as a kid. Now that I have a steady job, my collection has grown from 5 or 6 to 150-160 in the span of a year. I have been...
  2. Want Lists
    As a relatively young NASCAR diecast collector, I was late to the collecting party as I did not have money as a kid. Now that I have a steady job, my collection has grown from 5 or 6 to 150-160 in the span of a year. I have been searching for these two diecasts to complete my 2015 Jeff Gordon...
  3. The NASCAR Diecast Museum
    My aim is to collect one standard paint scheme Diecast from each year of Jeff Gordon’s career. I have every single year except 1996... I can’t find a single Diecast that looks legit for this specific year. Everything looks like a toy, or the body looks like a Lumina that just has a Monte Carlo...
  4. Want Lists
    Hey guys! Huge Gordon fan here. Hoping to track down his 2009 4-H diecast & 2010 CarsCollision diecast. I know these are incredibly hard to find & cost a pretty penny to get. I'm ready to fork out the cash if anyone has any leads on either or both. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Collector Chat
    Does anyone know if this paint scheme ever saw the track? I can't seem to find any photos of a real car. Cool looking die-cast in my opinion.
  6. Show and Tell
    I received these five Jeff Gordon 1:24s in the mail today. L to R 2011 Flashcoat 2012 Stealth 2011 Stealth 2012 Frost 2011 Gunmetal Now it's time to buy a display case to put these in.
  7. Show and Tell
    Working on completing my display of Jeff Gordon's race win diecasts. Most are raced versions and some of the early stuff is race winner decals on the roof. The empty slots are going to be customs. Can't wait til it's finished!!
  8. Custom Cars
    Just got the case to display the diecast. One of my favorites!
  9. Collector Chat
    Hey guys, I'm having a custom diecast made of Jeff Gordon's 1997 Watkins Glen win. I need some help figuring out the decklid decal from that race. Attached is the best pic I can find that shows the decklid, which is from grainy YouTube footage. Does anyone by chance have any good, clear...
  10. Collector Classifieds
    I have 2 Jeff Gordon Diecast cars for sale. One is in box (Christmas Jeff Gordon Foundation car) and the other is a black (possibly 1957 Suburban) with no box. If you are interested please let me know with a price. I am willing to negotiate.
  11. Collector Chat
    Hey guys! After reading Gordon's book that came out a few years ago, I read about a sponsorship deal with TARGET that almost happened, had he stayed with Bill Davis. In 1995 at the Daytona Pepsi 400, it appears that the decklid sponsor on Gordon's car is TARGET. Can anyone confirm that? Pics...
  12. Collector Chat
    Okay Gordon fans, does anyone have any clear pics of the car Jeff Gordon raced in the Budweiser 200 at Sears Point? It was his one & only race in the Southwest Tour Series. Would like to have the diecast custom made, but struggling to find any pictures. Watched the whole race on YouTube, but...
  13. FREE Giveaways
    Hey guys! Just wanted to share this contest Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation and Off Axis Paint are putting on. Off Axis paints a lot of the helmets you see on race day and now you could have them paint one for you! Check out the details and enter to win here!
  14. Want Lists
    Hey guys! Anyone have a 2009 Jeff Gordon 4-H diecast they're willing to sell or know of one that's available? I know it'll be ridiculously expensive, but I'm to the point in my Gordon collection where I'm hunting unicorns lol. Also looking for the 2012 Dupont promo set of 4 at a reasonable...
  15. Show and Tell
    Check this out! I finally got all 10. Never thought this day would come. Such a cool set to have in the display case.
  16. Want Lists
    $100 for anyone who can find & help me acquire these three Jeff Gordon Motorsport Traditions diecasts from 1996. Please send me a PM if you can help. Thanks! Pocono (5th win) Dover (8th win) Martinsville (9th win)
  17. Jeff Gordon #24 Dupont Chromalusion

    This was a special car for The Winston in 1998 but only finished 16th
  18. Want Lists
    Hey guys and gals...I'm still trying to hunt down 1996 Jeff Gordon 1:24 Motorsport Traditions diecasts. Some pics are attached for reference. Willing to pay a finder fee for anyone who can help me track down & purchase the last four that I need. Looking for Pocono, Martinsville, Darlington &...
  19. Want Lists
    Hey guys, I'm trying to track down four Jeff Gordon diecasts from 1996. They come in a clear plastic case with a bright yellow base (no box). I'm looking for the cars pictured (Pocono & Martinsville) and also Dover & Darlington (not pictured). Shipping would be to WV zip 26187. Paypal...
  20. Want Lists
    This one's probably my favorite JG scheme. Been looking for it for a while. I think there's an eBay listing for one right now, but it's above my budget for it. Anyone know where I might be able to get one that's a bit cheaper?
1-20 of 36 Results