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  1. Collector Chat
    I am looking for 3 paint schemes! If anybody has these and would be willing to sell let me know!
  2. Show and Tell
    Today's addition is a 2016 Joey Logano All Star win. Wish they had more of the Penske photos on it but overall it is a great looking car.
  3. Collector Classifieds
    Hey guys, I've posted this once before, but I’m still trying to sell my collection. Please send me offers for any car you are interested in. Any reasonable offer will be considered. At this point, I just want a lot of the cars gone. I have no interest in collecting diecasts anymore. I also have...
  4. Collector Classifieds
    Diecasts For Sale I’ve decided to sell my entire diecast collection. I am no longer interested in buying anymore new ones, so hopefully I have what you want to continue building your collection. All the cars are 1:24 scale. PM me or comment if you’re interested in any of these cars as I have no...
1-5 of 5 Results