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  1. eBay® eXpress
    Hello All, Just stopping by and shamelessly plugging my current auctions at eas7718 on eBay Have quite a few rare and hard to find cars, mostly Elites, across a variety of drivers so please take a look! Here is what the listings are for this round of auctions: 1/24 Dale Earnhardt Jr #88 2012...
  2. eBay® eXpress
    JIMMIE JOHNSON #48 LOWES 2005 1/24 DIECAST | eBay carriemeyer69 | eBay Check out the above link and view all of the other items I have for sale. I don't have a 'store' because I am only selling these few items and eBay wants 25 dollars for a storefront.
  3. image.jpg

    Nice little haul from the local flea market. $2.50
1-3 of 3 Results