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  1. eBay® eXpress
    Welp, this is it folks. After selling off just about all of my collection over the last year, this is my last wave and what a selection it is! Some of the rarest and most sought-after cars there are - Under the Lights, Blue Angels, Pepsi Challenger Retro, Homestead Tribute, and much more. You...
  2. Want Lists
    Hey guys! Just like the title says; Im looking for Brad's Daytona 1/24 raced version. I missed out on buying one, and now Id like to search around on here. Im offering up $95 for one mint with box. Let me know what you guys have!! Let's make a deal ;)
  3. Want Lists
    I'm looking for a Brad Keselowski 1/64 standard paint scheme. I know they're rare, willing to trade the 2012 Keselowski American Salute car plus cash, pay cash only, or trade a 2015 Chase Elliott NAPA #25 1/24.
  4. Trading Post
    Open to trade 2015 Chase Elliott 1/24 #25 NAPA or buy.
  5. Want Lists
    Hey guys :) Just started a new job at Coca Cola today!! So Im going to be able to go for some rarer cars on my Brad Keselowski 1/24 list. Here it is: 2008 Salute the Troops Elite $150 2008 GoDaddy #25 Elite $130 2009/10 Penske Elite $130 2009 Talladega Win Elite $275 2011 Kansas Win Elite $200...
  6. Collector Chat
    With the Kentucky race week approaching, I thought I would create a post for all driver appearances scheduled during the week. These are the ones I currently know about, feel free to add any additional ones your know of! WEDNESDAY JUNE 6th Brandon Jones: is scheduled to appear at the Red Bank...
1-6 of 6 Results