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  1. Want Lists
    I’m looking to have some fully custom work for either a 2000’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo Late Model Stock car or a 1995 Kudzu DG-3 or 1996 Kudzu DLM. I am willing to pay top dollar for any/all of these.
  2. Diecast Collecting 101
    This thread is to discuss, and reveal diecasts for the NASCAR Winston Racing Series/NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge/NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series/NASCAR Whelen All-American Series due to it's hundreds of teams and drivers over a variety of vehicles. Due to said nature of the series...
  3. Collector Classifieds
    I am selling 3 Prelude To The Dream Late Models. Would like to sell all 3 together for $60 but will part them out for $25 each. Free shipping via USPS. #07 Clint Bowyer (2008) #18 Kyle Busch (2008) #20 Tony Stewart (2007) First time posting. Clint Bowyer - 2008 Prelude 1a by ViewFromTurn4...
  4. Collector Classifieds
    Hello, I'm brand new to the forum so I think I should start by introducing myself. My names Jesse and I'm a long time collector of all things NASCAR related. I especially like Diecast. The problem here, is that I'm moving out to a much smaller place and need to get rid of a lot of my collection...
1-4 of 4 Results