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  1. NASCAR Authentics
    The Nascar Authentics line has always had distribution issues, no question about it, but this past year was by far the worst year for the line since Lionel took it over from Spin-Master. I simply can not believe Lionel, the distributors, and the stores are this bad at getting the waves in. It is...
  2. Lionel NASCAR® Collectibles
    The earliest shipment date I've seen from Lionel is 2/17/18 on the Logano AAA car. In past years, we've gotten cars in January before the 500, but it seems like Lionel is behind. Has this ever happened before?
  3. Promotional Diecast
    I decided to make this thread as I'm a fan of the trucks and sadly their 1:64 releases have been downgraded to rare promos. And I figured this would be a great way for anyone in this thread and I to learn about new promos for 1:64 trucks
  4. Lionel NASCAR® Collectibles
    Hey there everyone Im new to collecting Diecast's. Im from Ireland so I gotta import from US which is a bit expensive with postage and import duties on top. I purchase from eBay shops. So far I got 3 cars, Kevin Harvick Vegas raced win '15, Martin Truex Jr Pocono raced win '15 and my newest is...
1-4 of 4 Results