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  1. Collector Chat
    I met a guy today buying some misc diecast and saw this cool looking Mark Martin set that I've never seen anything else quite like it. I haven't been able to find anything about it on Google so thought I'd ask here. The guy said it originally came in 3 boxes but didn't have them anymore. It all...
  2. Show and Tell
    The owner of the local funeral home is a regular at the Casey's I work at, and last night, he came in and his Christmas present for me and my co-worker who was there was to give us each $50 to spend on ourselves. So I figured I'd go to the little shop a block away from my house that has some...
  3. Mark Martin 2002 Viagra Dark Chrome

    And I thought that the way I take images now was not very good... At least the beauty of it makes up for it.
  4. Show and Tell
    Mark Martin 1995 Racing Champions 1996 Preview Valvoline Thunderbird - Signed Mark Martin 1999 Racing Champions 24K Gold Valvoline Taurus - #2700 of 4999 - Signed Mark Martin 2002 Hot Wheels Pfizer Taurus - Signed Mark Martin 2002 Team Caliber Preferred Series Kraft/Tombstone Taurus - One of...
  5. YouTube Showcase
    Greetings All, I’m celebrating 400 YouTube subscribers with a little appreciation contest. Rules are explained and posted in the comments section of the video. Deadline is July 21st at 11:59pm. Thanks to all...
  6. Collector Classifieds
    Hey guys, I've posted this once before, but I’m still trying to sell my collection. Please send me offers for any car you are interested in. Any reasonable offer will be considered. At this point, I just want a lot of the cars gone. I have no interest in collecting diecasts anymore. I also have...
1-6 of 6 Results