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  1. NASCAR Authentics
    The Nascar Authentics line has always had distribution issues, no question about it, but this past year was by far the worst year for the line since Lionel took it over from Spin-Master. I simply can not believe Lionel, the distributors, and the stores are this bad at getting the waves in. It is...
  2. NASCAR Authentics
    1) #3 DOW 50th Anniversary 2) #4 Jimmy Johns 3) #7 Brandt 4) #9 Hooters 5) #20 Craftsman 6) #22 Shell-Pennzoil 7) #43 Aftershokz 8) #48 Ally 9) #88 Nationwide The liquid color car is the #3 Some other cars that could be in it. - #8 Bass Pro Shops - #17 SunnyD or Fastenal - #20 DeWalt (instead...
  3. Show and Tell
    I saw a Target on my way up to Elkhart Lake, so I quick popped in and bought this.
  4. NASCAR Authentics
    Page 48 of the Magazine Roar. "Lionel Racing is getting in on the fun, too. In addition to producing 1:24 scale Darlington throwback Diecast, the company is also offering many of the throwback paint schemes in 1:64 scale as part of its Nascar Authentics line. The first 15 cars are set to hit...
  5. Collector Classifieds
    I have 43 NASCAR Authentics Spinmaster cars from 2013-2015 for sale, I'm open to selling them as a complete set or in smaller groups. send me a message for more details .
1-5 of 5 Results