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  1. For Sale NHRA stuff...

    Collector Classifieds
    I have a few NHRA diecasts. 1:24 scale All in boxes. Jim Yates Split FIre FC signed by Yates Racing Champions Jim Yates 1997 Mc Donalds Pro Stock Action Jim Yates 1997 Mc Donalds Pro Stock Action John Force Castrol FC Socket Set All Pro John Force Castrol FC Socket Set All Pro...
    $600 USD
  2. Show and Tell
    Got my Brushed Metal 2010 Jr. signed, and picked up some more diecast. Don't know why I picked up NHRA diecast when I'm a NASCAR guy, but I did. Luckily they were dirt cheap and awesome. The Larson California Win Elite, on the other hand, was definitely not dirt cheap, but it was definitely my...
  3. YouTube Showcase
    My latest pick up video is now posted. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer... Enjoy,
  4. Collector Chat
    So I recently started collecting larger scale diecasts for display on my desk at work and the recent find of a 1:16th scale Clay Millican Top Fueler from 2002/2003 made by Action has me excited. However, the price range appears to be $175-250 WITHOUT SHIPPING based on two different listings on...
  5. Trading Post
    I've been doing some cleaning and I have several diecasts that I don't have any real attachment to. So I've decided to list them. All are 1:24 scale. Getting cash for them isn't my priority. I would rather trade for one of the three pieces I'm looking for (2008 Landon Cassill National Guard in...
1-5 of 5 Results