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  1. Show and Tell
    Evolving the "30 years" theme of my last two show and tell posts, the theme of this post will be 3 Generations of Racing. Here we have the Action set featuring Ralph Earnhardt's Camaro, Dale Earnhardt's Monte Carlo and Dale Earnhardt Jr's Monte Carlo. Next up is the Hot Wheels 100%...
  2. Custom Cars
    Custom Kyle Petty coke 600 dodge. Made it for a friend. Unfortunately I had many many issues with decals on this. Very old decals were hard to work with. The ones I ended up using were from many different sets. And the numbers ended up kinda bubbling up after being cleared. Not my best work. But...
  3. YouTube Showcase
    My latest pick up video is now posted. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer... Enjoy,
  4. YouTube Showcase
    Latest pickups / trade video. Enjoy!
  5. YouTube Showcase
    Some keepers for the collection in this haul! Thanks for watching... I really appreciate your comments, I wouldn't know half about the hobby it wasn't for your knowledge and passion. Keep the hobby strong. Mills
  6. YouTube Showcase
    The summer picking season is here... Some of my latest pick ups. Enjoy... Mills
  7. Show and Tell
    My collection pales in comparison to some of the collecting Gods on here (e.g. Dale3DaleJr88 team3and8 kspool mrhws Sewamw95 blueduece58 bdmattox, etc. :) I'm sure I missed a few), but I wanted to just post up "the Cave" in it's entirety. I ordered a bunch of replacement display cases (the...
  8. YouTube Showcase
    Some vintage hot wheels, the general lee and some Petty variants 1:64. Enjoy, Mills
  9. Show and Tell
    Found a beauty today at the local flea market for $4.00! 1981 petty chevy van, unfortunately no Richard mini figure. Found some other goodies too, be on the lookout for a video soon. Mills
  10. eBay® eXpress
    Petty #43 Signed NASCAR Used Sheet metal
  11. image.jpg

    Nice little haul from the local flea market. $2.50
1-11 of 11 Results