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  1. Show and Tell
    A bit different from my normal posts, just thought I'd share a recent add. I'm mostly an old school collector, so I don't have as many cars after 2000, but I thought this was cool so I grabbed it. I've read a few posts on the forums here that this is a rare promo made for employees or...
  2. Show and Tell
    Won two more 1/24 Racing Champions promos on-line to add to the collection on the wall. The Arvin promo is from 2000 and must have been commissioned just before the merger with Meritor that same year. Promotional models from companies that either changed their name or no longer exist are highly...
  3. Show and Tell
    I'm becoming addicted to 1:24 company promo cars it seems. Just added three Racing Champions promos to the collection. Two of them are new in box, while the third was really cheap due to damage. If any of you know me from my other diecast activities (Corgi Toys, Matchbox, etc.) you'll be...
  4. Want Lists
    Currently looking for the following cars to add to my collection. 2008 Landon Cassill National Guard (1:64) 2013 Landon Cassill/Mike Wallace G&K Services Promo (wanting one 1:24 and two 1:64s) 2015 Landon Cassill O'Reilly Auto Parts/CRC Automotive Promo (1:24) 2013 Ron Fellows Canadian Tire...
  5. Promotional Diecast
    So so soooooo happy to finally get these in the mail today. It doesn't have any official Cassill branding, but it used the scheme and number from his Hillman Racing Chevy.
  6. Promotional Diecast
    The product number is a little misleading to me: I'm thinking it might be a promo only--different than the boxed one out there already! B KOCH 1/64 HT LEAF FILTER 17 CAMARO - POLYBAG
  7. Promotional Diecast
    Here's an interesting and surprising (to me, at least) promo 1:64...This kid is barely out of mini-stocks! Zachary Tinkle #53 2015 Action Gold Series 1:64 DieCast Nascar Left Paw Press
  8. Promotional Diecast
    So a neat find, if anyone is looking for any of the Robby Gordon Speed Energy promos from 2011, Speed Energy still sells them on their store and has them heavily on sale. I'm linking below, but they have the yellow and pink 1:24 diecasts for $10 and the orange and pink 1:64 diecasts for $5...
  9. Want Lists
    Hoping someone here could help me with my quest. Looking for a 2011 Trevor Bayne NESN Promo 1/24. Arguably the hardest to find Bayne that was produced by Lionel. I'm a huge Bayne fan/collector, and a big fan of New England sports teams, so this is a must have for my collection. If anyone here...
  10. Collector Classifieds
    Have a few Elliott Sadler cars for sale. Also have two Racing Champions cars. Make Offer: 2000 Wood Brothers 60's Scheme Citgo (Revell) #63 Exxon (Racing Champions) Marathon Oil (Racing Champions) 2008 Stanley Breast Cancer Awareness (Action) $80 shipped Sold: 2001 Air Force Scheme (Team...
1-10 of 81 Results