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  1. Collector Chat
    I know that there are 1/24 prototypes, but are there 1/64 prototypes, and if so how can you tell?
  2. Show and Tell
    Got my Sadler prototype today. Great looking car and the differences make this a great addition to my collection.
  3. Show and Tell
    Here is my second prototype. Happy I got to secure this one.
  4. Want Lists
    Hey guys :) Just started a new job at Coca Cola today!! So Im going to be able to go for some rarer cars on my Brad Keselowski 1/24 list. Here it is: 2008 Salute the Troops Elite $150 2008 GoDaddy #25 Elite $130 2009/10 Penske Elite $130 2009 Talladega Win Elite $275 2011 Kansas Win Elite $200...
  5. Show and Tell
    My collection pales in comparison to some of the collecting Gods on here (e.g. Dale3DaleJr88 team3and8 kspool mrhws Sewamw95 blueduece58 bdmattox, etc. :) I'm sure I missed a few), but I wanted to just post up "the Cave" in it's entirety. I ordered a bunch of replacement display cases (the...
1-5 of 14 Results