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  1. 1/64 Scale NASCAR Diecast Guide
    The series now known as the ARCA Menards Series West is one of the oldest stock car tours in America, dating back to 1954. Now despite its 67 seasons of competitions, there haven't been many releases for the series, with a total of 10 or so cars ever produced in scale. Now this does not count...
  2. Collector Chat
    Hi, decided to post in the most general forum because i have been searching the net lately (and off on on for years) and have not been able to find anything the same - so any direction or info would be great. in 2002 off the shelf at a walmart in austin texas i purchased: 2002 Lowes 48 Racing...
  3. Show and Tell
    The owner of the local funeral home is a regular at the Casey's I work at, and last night, he came in and his Christmas present for me and my co-worker who was there was to give us each $50 to spend on ourselves. So I figured I'd go to the little shop a block away from my house that has some...
  4. Show and Tell
    Saved my favorite driver, Matt Kenseth, for my last post breaking down my current collection. And with this post, I'll be all caught up, and only have to do updates on my collection after this. Matt Kenseth 1999 Racing Champions DeWalt Monte Carlo - Signed on the roof Matt Kenseth 2000 Racing...
  5. Show and Tell
    Mark Martin 1995 Racing Champions 1996 Preview Valvoline Thunderbird - Signed Mark Martin 1999 Racing Champions 24K Gold Valvoline Taurus - #2700 of 4999 - Signed Mark Martin 2002 Hot Wheels Pfizer Taurus - Signed Mark Martin 2002 Team Caliber Preferred Series Kraft/Tombstone Taurus - One of...
  6. Show and Tell
    For my first ever post on Diecast CraZy, I figured I'd show off my entire collection. If you have questions about the specifics of each diecast, feel free to ask. And please forgive the photo quality.
  7. Collector Classifieds
    I am selling a 1992 Mint Condition Jeff Gordon Racing Champions 1/64 Baby Ruth diecast car. The car is in good condition and not removed from the package. This car is rare and hard to find. The asking price is $20. Will take cash or check.
  8. Promotional Diecast
    I decided to make this thread as I'm a fan of the trucks and sadly their 1:64 releases have been downgraded to rare promos. And I figured this would be a great way for anyone in this thread and I to learn about new promos for 1:64 trucks
1-8 of 8 Results