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  1. Show and Tell
    Now onto the drivers where I (currently) have only one from each driver. Kevin Harvick 2002 RCCA Club Goodwrench 1/2-Clear Monte Carlo - #1813 of 2508 Austin Dillon 2014 RCCA Elite DOW Vintage Finish SS - #20 of 24 Elliott Sadler 2008 ARC Platinum Siemens Charger - #284 of 853 - Signed Ken...
  2. Show and Tell
    Well, now onto the Dale Jr.'s in my collection. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2007 Owners Elite 1:64 Budweiser Monte Carlo - #416 of 2007 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2010 ARC Platinum National Guard Brushed Metal - #69 (yes, my inner 12 year-old giggled when I saw what number it was) of 215 (^ ordered that with the...
  3. Show and Tell
    Since I have two cars from each driver, I might as well put them all into one post, before I do posts with the drivers I only have one car from each driver, with my Mark Martins & Dale Jr.'s (forgot to put Dale Jr. in the title because I forgot I had two of his, and now it's too late), and then...
1-3 of 3 Results