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  1. For Sale NASCAR Elites

    Collector Classifieds
    Hey y’all. I’ve got these Elites and a couple ARC cars for sale. All do have their boxes and have been in plastic totes in my attic. The cars have been displayed in a case. I’m asking $80 for the elites, $60 for the Kahne, $60 for the Gordon raw and $30 for the Gordon Pepsi Stuff. Some do have...
    $80 USD
  2. Show and Tell
    I found this in the back of one of my file cabinets today. I picked it up at a Subway restaurant in my neighborhood a number of years ago, then forgot it until now. It measures about 7.5" x 10".
  3. eBay® eXpress
    Welp, this is it folks. After selling off just about all of my collection over the last year, this is my last wave and what a selection it is! Some of the rarest and most sought-after cars there are - Under the Lights, Blue Angels, Pepsi Challenger Retro, Homestead Tribute, and much more. You...
  4. eBay® eXpress
    Hey All, Listed 40 more auctions this evening so please have a look - I have some more rare and desirable cars so get 'em while you can! Also, this is my second to last wave of NASCAR diecast auctions so be sure to get on these auctions! eas7718 | eBay RARE 1/24 Dale Earnhardt Sr #3 1997 GM...
  5. eBay® eXpress
    Hello All, Just stopping by and shamelessly plugging my current auctions at eas7718 on eBay Have quite a few rare and hard to find cars, mostly Elites, across a variety of drivers so please take a look! Here is what the listings are for this round of auctions: 1/24 Dale Earnhardt Jr #88 2012...
  6. Want Lists
    As a huge Smoke fan, I was at this race and would love to add the diecast
  7. Collector Classifieds
    Hello All, I am finally beginning to sale off my HUGE diecast collection that I accumulated a few years back. I would estimate that 90%+ of the collection are Elites so that's mainly what I'll posting classifieds of.. I'm offering the cars here for the great members of this site before I start...
1-7 of 7 Results