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  1. Show and Tell
    Ok, so I've recently moved and not unpacked yet. Here are some pics of my old set-up at my old house. Yes it’s all Air Force related but I promise there is MOPAR in the stable! This is mostly for stp43 who asked about the Air Force stash...
  2. eBay® eXpress
    Man, you just don't see these pop up very often. I'm drooling as it would go well with my other White Gold editions. Very nice car and nice autographs as well. 2006 BOBBY LABONTE ELITE 1/24 AUTOGRAPHED WHITE GOLD CHEERIOS DIECAST. | eBay
  3. Show and Tell
    So I've been working for some time on obtaining a few autographs from Maurice Petty. He lives nearby, but he is very secluded and rarely gets out any more. His health is very poor and is very much a shadow of the man he was. I was anxious to get some of these items signed before anything...
  4. eBay® eXpress
    So I came across this one this afternoon. This is a rare one, but not the one most look for. This is the Intrepid version not the Charger version. Don, Christian, I don't know if either of you are interested. However, they are asking 134 for it. I don't think they know what they have, they just...
  5. Collector Chat
    I have recently received a few packages in the mail from some diecast that I had procured. However, I was greeted with a package yesterday evening that I couldn't figure out. It was an Ebay package and I didn't recognize the address, but as I opened it, I found an Adam Petty car. I hadn't bought...
  6. Craigslist eXpress
    So I happened to look on Craigslist today, and found this. Its in rough shape but it would be awesome to own! If I had the money I would take it. NASCAR RICHARD PETTY '92 FINAL SEASON Pontiac Grand Prix RACE USED CAR
1-6 of 6 Results