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  1. Custom Cars
    Really happy I finally got this one finished up. it took a long time. Bayley Currey #83 Truck
  2. Custom Cars
    Steve Park #62 2005 California win. It was the first win for the Jasper sponsorship in the top three series of nascar. And Steve Parks first truck win in the series. This was a late last minute change to the truck from the usual colors and Orleans sponsor due to Brendan Gaughan getting a last...
  3. Custom Cars
    Jordan Anderson #1 chevy silverado
  4. Custom Cars
    Most recent custom. Bubba Wallace Michigan win #99 truck. And yes i realize i put the rear bars on the wrong side. chevy should be facing inward. saw my mistake after i was all done. oops. Little issue with the red stripes, the decals were not long enough so had to get creative lol overall...
  5. Promotional Diecast
    I decided to make this thread as I'm a fan of the trucks and sadly their 1:64 releases have been downgraded to rare promos. And I figured this would be a great way for anyone in this thread and I to learn about new promos for 1:64 trucks
  6. Want Lists
    Would like to find either the raced version or clean version of this 2013 truck without paying over 200 bucks for it :/
1-6 of 6 Results