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Yes, these are 1/24!

I just got a HUGE box on the front porch from FedEx. Inside it was a shockingly large boxed promo set that I had no idea was going to be THAT big! This was a purchase from Goodwill Online for a VERY reasonable price!

Below are photos of the MIB 1/24 Learning Curve (Racing Champions) 2008 Ideal/Buchannan Connectors diorama boxed promo set. I had previously seen these cars unboxed online, but never before in the box. I have a feeling that these are going to remain in the box to be displayed on top of a bookshelf. Those roof antenna are delicate!

Photos will roll into the first reply.

Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Bottle Drinkware Drink Beer Gas

Tire Hood Automotive tire Light Automotive lighting

Brown Wood Rectangle Paper bag Material property

Brown Font Wall Art Wood

Font Material property Rectangle Space Advertising

Rectangle Wood Font Tints and shades Composite material
1 - 6 of 6 Posts