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Next on my binge buying of 1/24 promotional race cars is this 1999 promo of #91 Invinca-Shield Win A Car driven by Dick Trickle. My understanding from earlier posts is that the real car was a DNQ at the Brickyard that year.

I can only imagine how the "Win A Car" contest ran. It was likely something like a wheel-of-fortune arrangement at an infield display with the real car. Maybe someone here will remember seeing it and chime in with details.

BTW, the website written on the car no longer works. I tried. A Google search brings up an installer's website in Florida, but not the company itself.

Up onto the wall it goes!

Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Hood

Vehicle Tire Car Wheel Hood

Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Toy

Hood Automotive lighting Vehicle Bumper Automotive design

Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle

Packaging and labeling Rectangle Box Carton Packing materials

Font Automotive exterior Electric blue Bumper Advertising
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