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1/24 WC back at Target.

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I visited one of the Targets in my area tonight, new 1/24'S!

I got the Kahne SRT, also had the Ryan Newman Alltell, Harvick Goodwrench, Jr. 250 Starts, Stewart Old Spice, JJ Sea World, and a Jeffie car with Holiday graphics. All 1/24.

They had just rearranged the entire toy section, and had SIXTEEN pegs for 1/64 WC but no new stuff yet.

Also had a place on the shelf labeled for haulers. :-D
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Yes!!! Wahooooo!!! :D
wow nice finds the newest i've seen at the targets around here is the kyle busch /jeff burton mix.have'nt even seen the jeff nicorette mix anywhere around either.
I need that Kahne SRT, thanks for the heads up!
I just talked to someone on WcCollector site and the opther car in that mix is the Gordon foose. He also found new haulers at walmart. Johnson sea world, Gordon superman, Carl edwards office depot, Matt Kennseth Dewalt, Mark martin AAA. I got out and looked some today around here but no luck finding anything new. Just found the reduced WC's at walmart and all they had was what I already had in my own collection.
New Winner's Circle items at Target!!!

I found two full cases of the new haulers tonight at two different Targets (Gordon Superman, Johnson Shamu, Edwards Office Depot, Martin AAA, Kenseth Dewalt and Earnhardt Jr. DEI).

I also found the new 1/24's at one Target, but I missed the Earnhardt Jr. 250 Career Starts car. The others were the Gordon Foose, Gordon Foundation Holiday, Newman Alltel, Stewart Old Spice, Harvick GM Goodwrench, Kahne SRT and Johnson Shamu.

I am looking for a couple of Winner's Circle cars and I was hoping maybe someone could help me out? I need a 2006 1/64 Disney Daytona Princess car and a 2006 1/24 Disney Daytona Buzz Lightyear...both of these were available at Dollar General Stores. Please email if you can help me out.
these are what a friend found today

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joker_20 said:
these are what a friend found today

Thats everything my Target had except the haulers.
How much did your friend spend?
I only bought the SRT because I didnt want to spend too much at once. :))
Can't wait to get the Johnson Sea World 1/24 and Sea World hauler.
Great I finally get the regular JJ hauler for Christmas and now I gotta hunt down a SeaWorld one. Hopefully it will be much easier to find than the regular one was.
Went to 2 Targets today. The first one had a completely empty HotWheels aisle. The second one had the 1/24s and the haulers. I was shocked when I saw 2 JJ haulers there so I picked up one.
so much new stuff I want it in Wisconsin now!!!!!
I dunno if anyone cares but my local Kmart had these today. All except the Gordon Holiday, Newman, and the Kenesth hauler. So you guys might want to look there if your Target never got them.
Picked up the Harvick, Harvick Hersheys Hauler, Gordon Foose, and the Old spice today at Target. Had to pass on the Shamu, Gordon Holiday ( NICE color chrome!!) and the Dale Jr. 250 start. Ran out of $$. Hopefully I'll find them again next payday. Oh and I then I craashed my new Christmas diecast on the way out of the parking lot. :angry: :boohoo: At least no one got hurt. :doh: Guess I'll be at the body shop tommorrow seeing just how much damage got done!!
No injury's, Just some bumper damage. Got an estamite this morning and my truck only has $750 worth of damage. Guess I'm thankful. Could have been worse.
On a 2007 silverado I don't think it is that bad. Could have surely been worse. It still burns me up that a have already smashed up by brand new truck though!!!
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