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LOCALLY SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!
I have the following cars for sale as 1 lot shipped......
125 shipped parcel post....This weighs about 11 lbs.
Here is what is included....all are action unless noted
Dale Sr...Wheaties X2,Taz, 2000 Goodwrench, 1998 Goodwrench Club E, 1999 Goodwrench Club E, 1999 Sign, Olympic, 25th Anniversary, 2000 No Bull, Wheaties Dually (small box tear), Goodwrench Dually, Silver Select
Gordon....Dupont Dually X2, 1995 Dupont,Carolina Ford, Outback, Autolite,
John Force... Elvis in Tin X2, Elvis Autographed on package,
Tony Stewart....Orange Peanuts, Black Peanuts, 3 doors down, Diamond Rio Truck,
Kevin Harvick...Blue ET, Black ET
Jimmie Johnson....2003 Spongebob, Excedrin Pm Promo (RC?)
Autos....Mario Andretti RC auto on card, 2002 Newman Alltel Sony Wega TC auto on car, Childress Black Gold auto on card,
Misc.....Bonnett Country Time, Waltrip Pennzoil Dually, Skinner Goodwrench Truck, Jeff Green Goodwrench, Rudd Marines, Spencer Energizer Bunny, Dale Creasy Mad racer,Scott Lagassee Dupont Truck,
1/87 WC....Kenseth Dewalt, Edwards Aflac....
Track Program Promos....2006 daytona, 2002 UAW GM Lowes, Kentucky Speedway 2004 X2, 2005 Daytona Pepsi 400, 2003 Lowes UAW GM, 2002 Lowes Coca Cola, 1997 RIR Truck
some card/package wear as expected, but overall everything looks pretty good...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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