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for tire donuts i got a 1:64 scale tire off an old car, black nail varnish on it then rub it in a circular motion for donuts etc

ask redman designz, hes helped me with raced customs

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I've found a good way to get tire damage on the sides:

Pour a bit of black acrylic paint into a cup or something. Let it dry until it's hard.
Take a Q-Tip with some nail polish remover on the end and rub it in the paint until the tip is black.
The stroke it side-to-side wherever on the car you want the damage.

For crash damage, it's hard to beat the trusty hammer and needle-nose pliers. A hot glue gun or Super Glue can be useful for putting back together "uncooperative" wrecked cars. :happy:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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