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I have two Matt Kenseth 1/64th scale Team Caliber Owners Series cars that I want to move. They are 00' Visine Blue and the 00' DeWalt regular paint w/yellow wheels. I do not collect 1/64th scale cars anymore and want to trade them for a Team Caliber Preferred or ARC car. Driver not important, just want it for a donar car for a custom. Looking for an 03' Ford Taurus. I want to put a Pit Stop body on it, so for that purpose I would prefer a Team Caliber Preferred or Owners car. Would take an Owners but I really don't see anyone parting w/one. Would also like a Preferred or Owners 06' Dodge Charger. In ARC would like an 05' or 06' Monte Carlo if the nose is the same on them. If interested email me direct at [email protected]
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