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AJ Foyt 1964 Ford. AJ Drove this car for four races at the start of the 64 season. Bunnell was on the car for at least the Daytona 500.

Larry Frank drove this #06 for Holman-Moody during 1964.

Cale Yarborough drove the Holman Moody #06 as well.

Dick Hutcherson made his first few starts in 1964 behind the wheel of this #1 Ford. By rights he should have won Rookie of the Year, but was deemed inelligible because he was highly successfull in USAC.

Buddy Baker drove this #10 Ford during the 1964 season.

Ned Jarrett drove this 1964 Ford during the 1964 season.

Marvin Panch was back behind the wheel of the Wood Brothers' Ford during 1964.

Junior Johnson's penultimate season came behind the wheel of this #27 Ford

Fred Lorenzen was the big star for Ford in 1964, he drove this white and blue Ford that year from the Holman Moody Stables. The contingencies, which were stickers, went missing long ago. I got it in 1993.

Nelson Stacy ran essentially the same paint scheme from 1961-1964.

Ralph Earnhardt drove these two cars in 1964.

Tiny Lund joined the Holman Moody Stable in 1964.

Wendell Scott drove this 1964 Ford at some point in the 1960s. I belive in 1964 and 65.

Richard Petty's 64 Plymouth.

G.C. Spencer had this gold 1964 Ford halfway through the 1964 season and 1965.

Elmo Langley's 64 Ford. I know he was driving it in 1966, but he most likely drove it in 1964 and 1965 as well.

Curtis Turner drove this car on the 1964 USAC circuit, because he was still under his lifetime ban. (He was later reinstated)

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The #31 Ralph Earnhardt car was also driven by Possum Jones & Cale Yarborough for owner Tom Spell. Does anyone have any knowledge of paints scheme or sponsors for Jones & Yarborough? Later in the year Al White is listed as a owner of #31. Anyone have facts about that?

Those are very cool...I only wish we could buy/sell stuff here in Canada and ship or have shipped for $3.00 to $4.00.$10.00 for shipping to or from the USA is the norm for 1/64 cars now.

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* Cale Yarborough's car was owned by Kenny Myler. Cale also won his first race in the #06 at Valdosta Speedway after G.C. Spencer's blew handing Cale the lead and he led the last 18 laps.
* Junior Johnson's car doesn't feature him in on it, it instead features the car's owner, Banjo Matthews.
* Fred Lorenzen's car was thrown back to in 2008 when Travis Kvapil drove a similarly painted COT at Darlington for the Dodge Charger 500 and did pretty well leading two laps and finishing 8th.
* Richard Petty's Plymouth also came in the Wisk detergent as a promo and in Hot Wheels Salute to Petty in General Mills cereals.
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