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1992 was probably the best year for diecast- overall an important year for the sport.

1992 was the first year that all the full time teams had their cars made. That has only happened twice! (The other time was 1997). It also saw more brands get into the action, as Revell came in, being issued under the RCCA brandname, using the best tooling for each of the three cars they did. Racing Champions still led the way. 1992 saw the introduction of the Premier line, with the release of six cars late in the year, which to date remains my all time favorite line. Funstuf bowed out at the end of 1992, and it seems like that was when Ertl left as well. Road Champs had the NASCAR license briefly in 1992, issuing only 5 cars, and Hot Wheels had their first series of NASCAR in 92 as well, although it was a mixed series with other forms of motorsports. (Although they did issue some cars in the regular line previously). 1992 also saw Busch series cars start being made on a regular basis, and it also saw other series get new additions, or in some cases, made for the first time.
1992 also saw the history of the sport get some recognition, with Racing Champions and Action/RCCA both issuing legends series in 1992. For Racing Champions, the cars were just close, while Action made a better effort to make the real cars. However, Racing Champions would continue to issue Legends cars on and off until 1999, whereas Action has gone years without issuing any, and roughly 3/4ths of the historical cars issued were issued in the early 1990s.

1992 was also an important year for me in the sport- it's when I discovered it. At an unknown date sometime in the summer, I got my first two cars, although they were just two examples of an already well-formed 1/64 street car collection. For Christmas I got the Racing Champions car and figure sets of Bill Elliott and Richard Petty- which had the standard 1/64 car with a GI Joe knockoff. But then, on 12/26/92...I consider it to be the most important day of my life. My uncle gave me a big box of Racing Champions cars, and I was hooked, for life. Since that time 1/64 NASCAR has been the most important thing in my life, and before 1993 even rolled around I had picked up some more additions at the local Ames. I remember it like it was yesterday, and I will detail which of the cars in the thread are my originals, that I got in 1992. They should be fairly easy to spot as many of them are missing quite a bit of paint. My first race was the 1993 Daytona 500 and I have been a diehard fan ever since, the last race I missed was 2001, when it was televised on a TV channel we didn't get. (Although I have chosen not to watch a few in the past few years, I have them on VHS and could watch them so I don't really count it as missing). Many of my original cars now have spare copies with all their paint intact hanging on my wall. I have loose copies of some of them and I will post both versions.

1992 was a great year in fullsize too. The season finale is probably the greatest race in history, with the incredibly close points battle, that was not decided until the race ended and was settled by the closest margin in history-10 points. Plus, it saw the end of Richard Petty's career, and the start of Jeff Gordon's adding even more historical importance to the race.

NASCAR Winston Cup

This is my original Dale Earnhardt car. For some reason there is neon green under the black!

a replacement

Dale was one of the first 6 cars issued in the Premier line from Racing Champions

the Revell version of the car was some sort of an exclusive.

Matchbox Screamin' Stocks version.

Ernie Irvan original. There was only one photo taken of the day when I opened my box of cars that introduced me to the sport- this is the car I was holding. It's totally coincidental that Ernie would become my favorite driver- I didn't know who ANYONE was at that time, and I don't think I saw the picture for a long time afterwords- we didn't always get them devoloped right away and I didn't even always look at them when we did.

A replacement that's actually a variation, the Racing Champions on the wheels means that this is probably the 1991 car, where the Goodyear tires would be 1992.

Ernie Irvan from Road Champs and Matchbox.

Ricky Rudd. This is an original.

Ricky Rudd with white outline on Goodyears

Mark Martin, another original. This was the first Mark Martin car made in scale, Mark currently ranks third in my collection, only one car short of Dale Earnhardt. And since I don't have the 2010 or 2011 cars yet, Mark will end up ranking second. (Jeff Gordon has the most cars in my collection)

Mark Martin Hot Wheels and Revell.

Alan Kulwicki Racing Champions. This is not an original although close to it, I got it sometime between 12/26/92 and 1/1/93, at the Ames in Fishkill, NY. I would guess it would have been 12/29/92, but at this late date, that can only be a guess. I got three cars that day.

Alan Kulwicki Action release of the mid 1990s.

Alan Kulwicki from the QVC 30 Years of Champions set from 2000. Even though I've had this car since 2000 or 2001, and I've clearly been looking at it as I took and edited the photo, I didn't notice until just now that the rear tire is the white Goodyear style used from 1981-1992, and the front tire is the yellow Goodyear #1 that debuted in the final race of the 1992 season and lasted until 2004!

Alan Kulwicki Matchbox. This came in a set with a fantasy convoy and a test car. The real car had brown numbers, and a brown stripe, not black. Although the 1993 car did have a black stripe, it still had brown numbers.

Dick Trickle from Matchbox and Funstuf. The Matchbox car is one of my earliest additions, dating from probably the first few months of 1993. (I sure wish I had written this stuff down!)

Chad Little from Matchbox and Funstuf.

Derrike Cope. This is an original, and judging by the Racing Champions lettered tires, is most likely actually a 1991 issue.

For some reason, the version Matchbox issued in the Convoy set had yellow windows.

The basic Matchbox version is the most recently opened car in my collection. The paint chip on the spoiler was done before the car was packaged!

The Revell version is actually neon but neon does not photograph well.

I believe this Bill Elliott car is actually a bootleg.

The Hut Stricklin Chevrolet was issued in the AC Racing set. As far as I know, it is the only car that was in the AC set that was not issued on a normal card. It may have been and I have not seen one, though.

The Revell and Matchbox versions were done with the correct metallic blue. The Matchbox version has been in my collection since about 1993.

This Geoff Bodine car is an original.

This replacement came in a lot I bought on Ebay.


Like the Bill Elliott car I believe this is a knockoff.

This Darrell Waltrip car is actually a replacement I got in mid-1993. The original version, which I got between Christmas and New Year's 1992, had the roof sticker peel off so I gave the car to a friend at the time, once I got a replacement. This was the first Darrell Waltrip car issued.

DW's car was one of the first 6 done in the Premier line.

This Dale Jarrett car is one of my originals.

The Revell version's green is not very correct.

This Morgan Shephard car is another original.

Morgan Shephard from Hot Wheels, Revell, Road Champs and Funstuf.

Sterling Marlin

Eddie Bierschwale. The real car was an Oldsmobile...the early Funstuf cars used this Matchbox knockoff for both Olds and Chevrolets! The paint scheme was driven in both Busch and Cup.

1992 Brett Bodine Matchbox- this Is the very first NASCAR car in my collection. I bouht it at the Uppper Deck Comic shop in Peekskill, NY sometime in the summer of 1992, it's almost positive it's because it was green, which has always been my favorite color. I wouldn't learn who drove the car for months. I got two cars that day but I didn't even know what NASCAR was at the time.

Hot Wheels and Revell versions of Bodine's car. I do not know if Racing Champions produced his car in 1992, but if they did I would like to find one.

Jeff McClure drove this car in his one and only Winston Cup start at Michigan.

This is kind of unusual, in that the car shown here did not race until 1993, but was announced in 1992. Funstuf made that car. It is one of only two times that a car has been made from an announcement, the other being the Dodge prototype from 2000.

Davey Allison original.

Davey Premier, Davey was one of the first 6 made in the Premier line of 1992.

Davey Allison Revell and Matchbox.

Davey got hurt in 1992 and Bobby Hillin filled in for him, Racing Champions made the car with Hillin's name over the door. It was the second year in a row a substitute driver had his car made- and both were Bobby Hillin!

Michael Waltrip original.

Michael Waltrip Revell and Matchbox, the Matchbox one isn't very accurate.

Bobby Hillin Jr. drove a limited schedule for Martin Birrane. Anyone want to take a guess at where Biranne called home? :) He abrubptly quit the sport after his car was disqualified at one race.

Greg Sacks drove most of the season in Larry Hedrick's #41 Chevrolets, here represented by Nevins, Racing Champions and Funstuf. The RC version is a promo.

Kyle Petty, this is an original.

Kyle Petty Hot Wheels and Revell

Richard Petty, original. I got this car for Christmas 1992.

Richard Petty was one of the original 6 chosen to be in the Racing Champions Premier line. I do have a replacement, as mine is not in the best shape.

Richard Petty Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Revell and Road Champs

James Hylton. I got this car the same summer day I got the Brett Bodine car, so this car is #2 in my collection. I don't know why I chose this one, but I'm glad I did- I didn't see another one for sale until 2004, 12 years later! This is the same James Hylton who won the 1965 Grand National (now Sprint Cup) Rookie of the Year...and is still racing in ARCA today!

Jimmy Means drove this car at the fall Bristol race.

Two different Stanley Smith paint schemes.

Ted Musgrave from Matchbox. This was my first Ted Musgrave car (Musgrave is the only driver that I believe I have every single issue of, although I'm sure I will be proven wrong sooner or later! Probably sooner!). My brother brought this home for me very early in 1993, probably his first trip to the comic store in 93.

Andy Belmont. Andy ran a very limited Cup schedule in 1992, and surprisingly, this car was made. It was the first time this tooling was used in the main Racing Champions line, and the only time it appeared with the contingencies as stickers...I think.

Chad Little. This is, no surprise, an original. For some reason the paint is just flaking right off the roof. Even when dusting it I usually have flecks of black paint on my hands afterwords.

Chad Little from Funstuf. I bought this loose, with the roof damage already in place. I will need to replace it at some point.

Chad Little/Jimmy Hensley Matchbox. Little drove the car for the first few races, then Hensley took over and won Rookie of the Year in the car, he was the only full time rookie in 1992.

Revell was the only brand to issue the car with Hensley's name on it.

Bobby Hamilton, this car is neon but my camera has issues with neon

Bobby Hamilton original. This is probably a 1991 issue.

Bobby Hamilton Revell.

Dave Marcis. This is not an original, but I did get it in 1993.

Dave Marcis Funstuf.

Dave Marcis drove this car only once, at the 1992 Coca Cola 600. He finished 15th with it, his best finish of the 1992 season.

Phil Barkdoll. The Action version is a replacement, but the original is most likely the first Action car I ever got.

Mark Stahl. This may be a 1991 issue.

Lake Speed. This is a promo, and I believe it was the first promo I ever got.

Jim Sauter, an original

Jim Sauter Revell, Matchbox

Terry Labonte, an original. Terry is my mom's all time favorite driver.

While Terry Labonte and the Hagan team ran Oldsmobiles for most of the 1992 season, they did run a Chevrolet in the fall Charlotte race and the Atlanta season finale. This was probably intended to be an Olds- Matchbox never tooled one up- but late in the year it became a real car! They also had a Ford for three races in the early/middle part of the seasons which has never been done.

Various Jimmy Spencer releases. I believe the Funstuf issue with the gold numbers and letters is an error, but if anyone has a shot of the real car with that paint scheme, please post it! It would be an obscure variation and I love the obscure cars!

NASCAR Busch Grand National

This neon pink Bobby Dotter Buick was one of the three cars I got between Christmas and New Year's 1992. Amazingly enough...this does indeed represent a real car!

Scott Herberg drove this car in the Daytona and Charlotte races at the start of the 1992 season, he crashed both times and it was the only starts he has made in NASCAR's top 3 series. Racing Champions issued this as a promo.

Some kid from Indiana via California won the Vortex Comics Rookie of the Year, a whole bunch of poles and even a couple of races driving Bill Davis's Ford Thunderbirds during the 1992 season. His name was Jeff Gordon and it's a name every NASCAR fan would soon know.

Richard Lasater's farther is co-founder of the Ponderosa brand of resturants. Lasater had a brief career in NASCAR, running 80 Busch races between 1990 and 1994, most of which came in the #5 GM products. Lasater flipped at Talladega in 1992.

Harry Gant drove a limited schedule for Ed Whitaker every year of the 1990s until 1994; in 1992 he was sponsored by Mac Tools.

Jeff Burton drove Filbert Martocci's #8 Oldsmobiles during the 1992 season (and one race in a Ford). Technically the Matchbox example should be in the Almost Normal thread, as the team did not run Chevrolets, but Matchbox did not have an Olds body.

Joe Bessey

Ernie Irvan

Sterling Marlin

Mike Wallace. While mainly a Busch car the exact same sceme was run at the spring Atlanta Cup race as well.

Ed Berrier

Phil Parsons

Steve Grissom

Kenny Wallace

Bobby Labonte lost the Busch series title by three points driving this car. He would move to Winston Cup in 1993.

Ed Ferree, The real car was a Buick, but like the Oldsmobile Matchbox did not tool a Buick. the car MAY have run as a Chevrolet as well.

Jerry Glanville drove this car in a handfull of 1992 races.

Robert Pressley

Mark Martin

Chuck Bown

Ken Bouchard. This is one of my originals.

Butch Miller, this is one of my originals.

Butch Miller from Funstuf.

Joe Nemechek won the Busch Championship driving this Chevrolet. The Revell car in the middle is I believe the first Revell car in my collection.

Clifford Allison drove this car in the Daytona season opener.

Hut Stricklin

Ricky Craven

ARCA (Automobile Racing Club of America)

Clifford Allison

Bill Venturini. This one may have been my first Revell car. It was either this one or the Nemechek car for sure! I do have replacements for both of them.

Jeff McClure

NASCAR Busch North

Mike Stefanik

NASCAR Goody's Dash Series

Johnny "Juice" Smith

ASA (American Speed Association)

Chad Chaffin

Jody Ridley

NASCAR Sportsman Series

Kirk Shelmerdine

Late Models

Larry Caudill

Australian Racing Series (I don't know the actual name)

Max Dumesney

Rodney Combs

Unknown series, possibly Late Models

Mike Alexander

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Yes, 1992 really started the Golden Era of 1/64. Wait till I get into the mid 2000s. 1998 has over 250 cars! (And I've seen a few on Ebay that I don't have, but don't have the extra money to get right now!). The 2002-05 time period is all pushing 250 cars...It'll be a lot of work for me to create the posts but in the end I think it'll be worth it.

If only one of the Junie Donleavy cars had been made, 1992 would have been just about perfect in my opinion!

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Great list! I do have a couple of corrections:

1. The RC #89 was also made with the old Grand Prix casting.
2. The BGN #59 was also made as a promo by Ertl. It may have been made in 1991. I think there was a promo version that was a Premiere of 1992's #59 car.
3. Clifford Allison's #12 was also issued by RC.

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See the 1990 oe 91 thread (I forget) for the other 89, and the Close thread for the other 59. I don't have the RC basic #12, have seen it on ebay but didn't have the $ for it.

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Billy, I love what you are doing here, this is really cool. I can't wait till you get to around 2001 and beyond, that's when I began following NASCAR. This must take a ton of time and I appreciate it.

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Each of the big posts take about 2 hours. I expect 1998, 2003-2005 to take about 3 hours each. Plus I have to put them in order on my website, too!

Thanks, all, for the support!

I am putting this on hold for the rest of the day because I just remembered another box of cars in the basement, now I have to process them before I go forward...and because the box is on my bed and if I want to sleep tonight I've got to do that before anything else, lol

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Jody Ridley's car is interesting to me, because Parkway Ford is in my hometown. I got one at their dealership, also got a 1/43 two-pack of his car and Bill Elliott's Budweiser car. Both showcars were there that day.

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The Jimmy Spencer scheme is actually the car with the yellow numbers and graphics. It's the one with gold I'm dubious of. That's a shot I hadn't seen before, though!

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Best year for this by far. Got my first of this set, Richard Petty's last car in Christmas 1992 and Ken Schrader 25. Back then stores had a considerable amount of diecast and you could always find them. Never knew about Funstuf until 1993, when I got a Sterling Marlin 22 car. I got Rusty Wallace, Morgan Shepherd, and Mark Martin on birthday cake. Given to me by my real father who i do not have much contact with anymore.
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