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Some of my favorite paint schemes are from this year.

Unfortunately, most of my 1:64 collection is Racing Champions and a lot of the good ones were made by action or others

#14 Burger King
#17 All the DW Throwback cars
#24 Jurassic Park
#26 KFC
#27 - ALl the Kenny Irwin cars
#44 Hot Wheels - though for obvious reasons

I recently was pleasantly surprised to find the #98 RCA Ford loose just like you did on the RC body. Your collection of trucks is impressive I don't have as many as you. That Stacy Compton one is a nice find.

I didn't realize they made so many ARCA Cars from this year so i'll have to start hunting for some of them as well as the Gary St. Amont ASA car
41 - 43 of 43 Posts