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I have to be honest, I am not a big fan of 2006 in the NASCAR world, at least in scale. At the conclusion of 2005, NASCAR pulled the license from Racing Champions and Hot Wheels, leaving Action and Team Caliber. Action couldn't be bothered to make many cars, and Team Caliber couldn't make any correctly, and their Dodge Charger tooling is one of the most hideous things in the world.

Jimmie Johnson won his first Nextel Cup in 2006. And he hasn't lost one yet!

Denny Hamlin won Rookie of the Year over Martin Truex Jr., Clint Bowyer, JJ Yeley, David Stremme, Reed Sorenson and Brent Sherman. David Gilliland and Chad Chaffin were also rookies in 2006 but did not run for Rookie of the Year.

NASCAR Nextel Cup

Bill Elliott. Don't think this car actually ran on the track, although there was a real version of it. This is a fairly rare promo.

Bill Elliott did drive this paint scheme several times in 2006, the car was owned by Michael Waltrip.

Joe Nemechek

Martin Truex Jr.

Martin Truex Jr. Dale Earnhardt tribute from Talladega

Kurt Busch

Kyle Busch- RCCA Club, Winner's Circle and Promo on Generic body (Kellogg's six car set)

Kyle Busch Cars

Kyle Busch Ice Age 2

Kyle Busch Cheez-It (Promo)

Mark Martin from Team Caliber and Winner's Circle. Jack Roush had a long standing fued with Action, but 2006 saw the Roush cars made by Winner's Circle for the first time.

Mark Martin AAA Insurance

Mark Martin Salute. This car was driven at Homestead in the season finale, honoring Mark's final race in the #6.

Robby Gordon

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Earnhardt Tribute from Talladega, variations with rubber and plastic tires.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Ralph Earnhardt Tribute (Michigan)

Kasey Kahne

Kasey Kahne Flames (Richmond September)

Kasey Kahne Mopar (Charlotte October)

Scott Riggs

Scott Riggs Cars. Action basic release.

Scott Riggs Cars Hot Wheels. This was a promo, and at the time was believed to be the last Hot Wheels car released. It turned out to be the last one until 2010, anyway.

Scott Riggs Stanley (Promo)

Denny Hamlin's various schemes

Denny Hamlin FedExCup from fall Atlanta.

Ryan Newman from Winner's Circle and Team Caliber. I believe this was the first WC car for Newman.

Ryan Newman Mobil 1

Ryan Newman Alltell Black

Ryan Newman Sony

Sterling Marlin

Sterling Marlin promo (plastic wheels, no window detail, plastic chassis)

Greg Biffle from Winner's Circle and Team Caliber. Note that much of the National is missing on the hood. TC had lousy quality control. By the time I had realized the issue, my dealer had sold out. So I was not able to replace it.

Greg Biffle Jackson Hewitt

Greg Biffle Subway

Matt Kenseth. My Excel records show I have the Team Caliber version but I don't know where. I hope I didn't accidentally strip it down for custom work!

Matt Kenseth R&L Carriers

Matt Kenseth Carhartt

Matt Kenseth Post (from Budwieser Shootout)

Matt Kenseth USG Sheetrock (promo)

JJ Yeley. This car was actually issued in 2007, but it was the 2006 scheme.

Jeremy Mayfield

Tony Stewart (I really need a replacement for this car!)

Tony Stewart PowerAde. This is one of the rarer Winner's Circle cars. I was not able to find one locally but I got one through somebody on the board. I forget who, now...sorry!

Ken Schrader Little Debbie. Little Debbie has some sort of weird thing where they don't want their cars made...we were lucky to get this one. It's on the generic body from a three cat set.

Ken Schrader Air Force

Ken Schrader Motorcraft

Dave Blaney

Dave Blaney Cat Engines

Dave Blaney Cat Financial

Dave Blaney Cat Ground Engaging Tools. One of the Blaney special paint schemes is a promo but I can't remember which one.

Bill Lester

Jeff Gordon.

Jeff Gordon Nicorette

Jeff Gordon Hot Hues

Jeff Gordon Superman

Jeff Gordon Pepsi

Brian Vickers

Jamie McMurray Sharpie with Crown Royal and Smirnoff Ice.

Jamie McMurray without.

Jamie McMurray Sharpie Winner's Circle

Jamie McMurray Irwin with Crown Royal and Smirnoff Ice.

Jamie McMurray Irwin Without

Jamie McMurray Lenox

Kevin Harvick

Kevin Harvick Reese's

Kevin Harvick Hershey's

Jeff Burton

Jeff Burton Prilosec (promo, generic body)

Elliott Sadler

Elliott Sadler Snickers

Elliott Sadler Pirates of the Caribbean (Elite)

David Gilliland Halloween

David Stremme

Reed Sorenson

Bobby Labonte

Bobby Labonte STP

Terry Labonte- RCCA Club, Action, Promo

Kyle Petty Merchant's (no name brand generic, promo)

Kyle Petty National Tire & Battery, no name generic promo

Kyle Petty Tire Kingdom no name promo

Jimmie Johnson RCCA Club, Winner's Circle, Promo

Jimmie Johnson Lowe's 60th

Jimmie Johnson Sea World (This is, by far, my favorite Jimmie Johnson paint scheme!)

Michael Waltrip

Michael Waltrip Domino's

Jeff Green Best Buy Promo. NOTE: I put the rubber tires on there. The regular issue car had plastic tires. I may have changed the windows, too, I can't recall. I normally don't modify cars but I really hate the plastic wheels and unpainted windows, and the TC cars are held togther by screws, so I changed this one.

Jeff Green Certainteed Promo. This was a Racing Champions issue, and technically it's on the wrong body, but the nose RC made for the 2003-05 Chevy looks more accurate for the 06-10 car than it ever did for 03-05 so I left it in this thread. Wish they had done a better job with the contingencies though.

Dale Jarrett

Tony Raines (Promo)

Carl Edwards from Team Caliber. The black just flakes off of the air dam and side skirts. Just moving it to take the pictures left this (and several others, notably Blaney) with little black flakes of paint on my fingers. Team Caliber didn't paint their cars by this point, but used some sort of decal/transfer. Not sure what the best description would be actually.

Carl Edwards Winner's Circle. They got the hood and trunk wrong. Was a correction ever done?

NASCAR Busch Series
NOTE: For the Busch cars from Team Caliber, almost ALL of them had the Nextel Cup logo on them. The promos did not.

Johnny Sauter (promo)

Todd Kluever

Mark Martin

Mark Martin Soaring Dreams

Mark Martin Pennzoil Platinum

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Oreo/Ritz RCCA Club and Elite.

Martin Truex Jr. Dale Earnhardt Tribute raced, rubber and plastic tires.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Menards raced. The hood won't shut completely.

Boris Said (promo)

Paul Menard Dale Earnhardt Tribute

Greg Biffle

Greg Biffle Soaring Dreams

Greg Biffle iLevel

Matt Kenseth

Matt Kenseth Soaring Deams.

Matt Kenseth Pennzoil Platinum

Denny Hamlin

Kenny Wallace promo

David Green

Kevin Harvick

Jason Leffler

Tony Stewart

Kurt Busch

Donnie Neuenberger drove this car at Daytona. It is the only time I can recall when a country sponsored a car!

Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards Soaring Dreams

Carl Edwards Dep (Promo)

Carl Edwards iLevel

Jamie McMurray (Promo)

Greg Biffle (Promo)

Elliott Sadler

Matt McCall

Michael Waltrip

Michael Waltrip Best Western

Darrell Waltrip

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series

Bobby Hamilton

Bobby East

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Great job, but I noticed you left out Robby Gordon's #7 Menards car by Team Caliber

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Laddy, actually Hot Wheels produced cars regularly from 1997-2005. The tooling was created for the 2005 season, when the Petty cars, and Newman were made with it. Give me a couple of hours, I expect to do the 2005 post today :)

BlueOyster, check out the Body Guide for more info on these cars. (the generic cars were some of the first I did). They are NOT Racing Champions, but they are clearly knockoffs. While based on the 2000-03 Ford, the nose is smooth, thus- generic. There have been quite a few knockoffs made over the years- but these are by far the worst.

Really some of the most dissapointing cars ever made, IMO.

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That would be Billy "Catfish" Parker...That promo was somewhat hard to find and I never got one. Never really chased it being a Busch car, though, either! I would welcome a photo of it in the thread though!

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I collect the 2006 Racing Champions 1/24 Toyota Trucks. I really got interested in the truck series in the 2006 year. I have the:

#9 Ted Musgrave Team ASE
#11 Daryl Waltrip promo
#12 (probably supposed to be Joey Miller) promo
#17 David Reutimann Team Tundra
#23 Johnny Benson Toyota Certified
#23 Johnny Benson Exide
#30 Todd Bodine Lumber Liquidators
#30 Todd Bodine Germain Motor Company
# 60 Jack Sprague Con-way Freight

From what people have told me Bill Lester and David Starr weren't produced in 1/24, the only other 2006 Racing Champions Toyota's in 1/24 was the #5 Mike Skinner Toyota Tundra. It is my holy grail at this point.
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