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ok the box finally arrived today, im taking it slow but ive opened 12 packs so far pulled a rudi johnson 1/500 jersey and a rothelisberger jersey, as well as a drew stanton xtra points, not to mention a few regular rcs, including troy smith and gaines adams. overall the cards look as good as last years and so far i think it was well worth the money spent. I will open the other 12 packs later tonight and post pics of everything i got.

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well i finished opening all the packs, and honestly i was very impressed with the overall pulls i got, 26 base rookies in 24 packs, 2 jerseys, 8 #ed cards other than the jersey and about 4 regular inserts. very good bang for my buck. and yea i one of the rookies i pulled was jamarcus russel base rookie, all pics to be posted tommorow.

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as promised heres what i got...

now that you see the pics, heres what you dont see on the back of the cards;
Rudi Johnson Prestigious Pros Jersey 98/250
Ben Rothelisberger Stars of the NFL Jersey No #
Kenny Irons Prestigious Pros NFL Draft 38/750
Anquan Boldin Prestigous Pros NFL 147/750
Tiki Barber Stars of the NFL 3/100
Frank Gore Prestigious Pros NFL 360/500
Leon Hall Xtra Points Silver 42/50
Drew Stanton Draft Picks 599/999
Dwayne Bowe Xtra Points
Mushin Muhammad Gridiron Heritage
David Cloenry NFL Draft
Demetrius Williams Turning Pro
Passing Leaders Young and Leinart
Steve Smith Xtra Points
some of the base rcs i got included
Jamarcus Russell
Gaines Adams
Lawrence Timmons
Leon Hall
Anthony Spencer
Greg Olsen
Paul Posluszny
Eric Weddle
Sidney Rice
Dwayne Jarrett
Troy Smith and a few other late rounders

well as usual all these are for sale or trade, the only thing that disappointed me was no jets 07' rcs or inserts so you guys know what im looking for. And btw i was so satisfied with the box i decided to get another and ended up winning one on ebay for under $60. Thanks for looking! until rounds 2 (playoff 07)and 3 (topps dpp 07).

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great cards, if you or anybody else comes across an extra JaMarcus card like that one, shoot me a PM.

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Nice box Sal. Prestige always has good value with one rookie per pack. The rookies seem to hold their value pretty well too. There are also some short-printed rookies this year just like last year. I listed them below. If you got any of those you really did well. The SPs are hard to pull.

SP List
158 - Kenny Irons
161 - Darius Walker
169 - Anthony Gonzalez
176 - Jason Hill
189 - Patrick Willis
211 - Paul Williams
239 - Jared Zabransky
240 - Chris Leak
241 - Jordan Palmer
242 - Garrett Wolfe

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ok box 2 arrived much quicker than i anticipated and beat the other topps dpp box that i am still waiting on, anyway some great pulls fro these packs and looks like i may already be close to completing a base set as well anyway heres some highlights with pictures to follow later on...
Carson Palmer Prestigious Pros Jersey #19/50
Brian Westbrook Gridiron Heritage Jersey
Zack Miller Prestigious Pros 607/1000
Thomas Jones Prestigious Pros 27/500
Frank Gore Prestigious Pros 147/250 (actually 2 of the same numbered card which is cool)
Craig Buster Davis Xtra Points 7/50
Anthony Spencer Draft Picks 969/999
Tanard Jackson Draft Picks 992/999
Adam Vinatieri Super Bowl Heroes insert
Paul Williams NFL Draft insert
LaDanian Tomlinson Xtra Points
Marshawn Lynch rc
Marc Bulger/ Frank Gore League Leaders
Adrian Peterson rc
Adam Carriker rc
Alan Branch rc
Trent Edwards rc
Steve Smith rc
Willis McGahee Gridiron Heritage
Chansi Stuckey rc woooooo first Jets rc pull of the year
Kevin Kobb rc
Aaron Ross rc
Michael Bush rc

overall i think this box was better than my first i wont be picking up any more playoff prestige boxes unlesss some kind of cant miss deal passes me. pics to follow later today.
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