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2007 Week-by-Week Schedule


Sunday, Aug. 5

New Orleans vs. Pittsburgh

Thursday, Aug. 9

Indianapolis at Dallas
Cincinnati at Detroit

Friday, Aug. 10

Buffalo at New Orleans
Atlanta at N.Y. Jets
New England at Tampa Bay
St. Louis at Minnesota

Saturday, Aug. 11

Washington at Tennessee
Green Bay at Pittsburgh
Jacksonville at Miami
Kansas City at Cleveland
Carolina at N.Y. Giants
Chicago at Houston
Arizona at Oakland

Sunday, Aug. 12

Seattle at San Diego

Monday, Aug. 13

Denver at San Francisco
Philadelphia at Baltimore

Thursday, Aug. 16

Miami at Kansas City

Friday, Aug. 17

Minnesota at N.Y. Jets
Atlanta at Buffalo
Carolina at Philadelphia
Tennessee at New England

Saturday, Aug. 18

San Diego at St. Louis
Houston at Arizona
Detroit at Cleveland
New Orleans at Cincinnati
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville
Denver at Dallas
Pittsburgh at Washington
Seattle at Green Bay
Oakland at San Francisco

Sunday, Aug. 19

N.Y. Giants at Baltimore

Monday, Aug. 20

Chicago at Indianapolis

Thursday, Aug. 23

Jacksonville at Green Bay
New Orleans at Kansas City

Friday, Aug. 24

New England at Carolina
Tennessee at Buffalo
St. Louis at Oakland

Saturday, Aug. 25

Detroit at Indianapolis
Tampa Bay at Miami
Baltimore at Washington
Dallas at Houston
N.Y. Jets at N.Y. Giants
San Francisco at Chicago
Minnesota at Seattle
Cleveland at Denver
San Diego at Arizona

Sunday, Aug. 26

Philadelphia at Pittsburgh

Monday, Aug. 27

Cincinnati at Atlanta

Thursday, Aug. 30

Buffalo at Detroit
N.Y. Giants at New England
N.Y. Jets at Philadelphia
Washington at Jacksonville
Cleveland at Chicago
Dallas at Minnesota
Green Bay at Tennessee
Houston at Tampa Bay
Kansas City at St. Louis
Miami at New Orleans
Pittsburgh at Carolina
Arizona at Denver
Oakland at Seattle
San Francisco at San Diego

Friday, Aug. 31

Baltimore at Atlanta
Indianapolis at Cincinnati

Regular Season:

Thursday, Sep. 6

New Orleans at Indianapolis

Sunday, Sep. 9

Atlanta at Minnesota
Carolina at St. Louis
Denver at Buffalo
Kansas City at Houston
Miami at Washington
New England at N.Y. Jets
Philadelphia at Green Bay
Pittsburgh at Cleveland
Tennessee at Jacksonville
Chicago at San Diego
Detroit at Oakland
Tampa Bay at Seattle
N.Y. Giants at Dallas

Monday, Sep. 10

Baltimore at Cincinnati
Arizona at San Francisco

Sunday, Sep. 16

Atlanta at Jacksonville
Buffalo at Pittsburgh
Cincinnati at Cleveland
Green Bay at N.Y. Giants
Houston at Carolina
Indianapolis at Tennessee
New Orleans at Tampa Bay
San Francisco at St. Louis
Dallas at Miami
Minnesota at Detroit
Seattle at Arizona
Kansas City at Chicago
N.Y. Jets at Baltimore
Oakland at Denver
San Diego at New England

Monday, Sep. 17

Washington at Philadelphia

Sunday, Sep. 23

Arizona at Baltimore
Buffalo at New England
Detroit at Philadelphia
Indianapolis at Houston
Miami at N.Y. Jets
Minnesota at Kansas City
San Diego at Green Bay
San Francisco at Pittsburgh
St. Louis at Tampa Bay
Cincinnati at Seattle
Cleveland at Oakland
Jacksonville at Denver
Carolina at Atlanta
N.Y. Giants at Washington
Dallas at Chicago

Monday, Sep. 24

Tennessee at New Orleans

Sunday, Sep. 30

Baltimore at Cleveland
Chicago at Detroit
Green Bay at Minnesota
Houston at Atlanta
N.Y. Jets at Buffalo
Oakland at Miami
St. Louis at Dallas
Seattle at San Francisco
Tampa Bay at Carolina
Denver at Indianapolis
Kansas City at San Diego
Pittsburgh at Arizona
Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants

Monday, Oct. 1

New England at Cincinnati 8:30 pm

Open date: Jacksonville, New Orleans, Tennessee, Washington

Sunday, Oct. 7

Arizona at St. Louis
Atlanta at Tennessee
Carolina at New Orleans
Cleveland at New England
Detroit at Washington
Jacksonville at Kansas City
Miami at Houston
N.Y. Jets at N.Y. Giants
Seattle at Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay at Indianapolis
Baltimore at San Francisco
San Diego at Denver
Chicago at Green Bay

Monday, Oct. 8

Dallas at Buffalo

Open date: Cincinnati, Minnesota, Oakland, Philadelphia

Sunday, Oct. 14

Cincinnati at Kansas City
Houston at Jacksonville
Miami at Cleveland
Minnesota at Chicago
Philadelphia at N.Y. Jets
St. Louis at Baltimore
Tennessee at Tampa Bay
Washington at Green Bay
Carolina at Arizona
New England at Dallas
Oakland at San Diego
New Orleans at Seattle

Monday, Oct. 15

N.Y. Giants at Atlanta 8:30 pm

Open date: Buffalo, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco

Sunday, Oct. 21

Arizona at Washington
Atlanta at New Orleans
Baltimore at Buffalo
Minnesota at Dallas
New England at Miami
San Francisco at N.Y. Giants
Tampa Bay at Detroit
Tennessee at Houston
Kansas City at Oakland
N.Y. Jets at Cincinnati
Chicago at Philadelphia
St. Louis at Seattle
Pittsburgh at Denver

Monday, Oct. 22

Indianapolis at Jacksonville

Open date: Carolina, Cleveland, Green Bay, San Diego

Sunday, Oct. 28

Cleveland at St. Louis
Detroit at Chicago
Indianapolis at Carolina
N.Y. Giants at Miami (London)
Oakland at Tennessee
Philadelphia at Minnesota
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Buffalo at N.Y. Jets
Houston at San Diego
Jacksonville at Tampa Bay
New Orleans at San Francisco
Washington at New England

Monday, Oct. 29

Green Bay at Denver

Open date: Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Kansas City, Seattle

Sunday, Nov. 4

Arizona at Tampa Bay
Carolina at Tennessee
Cincinnati at Buffalo
Denver at Detroit
Green Bay at Kansas City
Jacksonville at New Orleans
San Diego at Minnesota
San Francisco at Atlanta
Washington at N.Y. Jets
Seattle at Cleveland
Houston at Oakland
New England at Indianapolis
Dallas at Philadelphia

Monday, Nov. 5

Baltimore at Pittsburgh 8:30 pm

Open date: Chicago, Miami, N.Y. Giants, St. Louis

Sunday, Nov. 11

Atlanta at Carolina
Buffalo at Miami
Cleveland at Pittsburgh
Denver at Kansas City
Jacksonville at Tennessee
Minnesota at Green Bay
Philadelphia at Washington
St. Louis at New Orleans
Cincinnati at Baltimore
Chicago at Oakland
Dallas at N.Y. Giants
Detroit at Arizona
Indianapolis at San Diego

Monday, Nov. 12

San Francisco at Seattle

Open date: Houston, New England, N.Y. Jets, Tampa Bay

Sunday, Nov. 18

Arizona at Cincinnati
Carolina at Green Bay
Cleveland at Baltimore
Kansas City at Indianapolis
Miami at Philadelphia
New England at Buffalo
New Orleans at Houston
Oakland at Minnesota
Pittsburgh at N.Y. Jets
San Diego at Jacksonville
Tampa Bay at Atlanta
Washington at Dallas
N.Y. Giants at Detroit
St. Louis at San Francisco
Chicago at Seattle

Monday, Nov. 19

Tennessee at Denver 8:30 pm

Thursday, Nov. 22

Green Bay at Detroit
N.Y. Jets at Dallas
Indianapolis at Atlanta

Sunday, Nov. 25

Buffalo at Jacksonville
Denver at Chicago
Houston at Cleveland
Minnesota at N.Y. Giants
New Orleans at Carolina
Oakland at Kansas City
Seattle at St. Louis
Tennessee at Cincinnati
Washington at Tampa Bay
San Francisco at Arizona
Baltimore at San Diego
Philadelphia at New England

Monday, Nov. 26

Miami at Pittsburgh 8:30 pm

Thursday, Nov. 29

Green Bay at Dallas

Sunday, Dec. 2

Atlanta at St. Louis
Buffalo at Washington
Detroit at Minnesota
Houston at Tennessee
Jacksonville at Indianapolis
N.Y. Jets at Miami
San Diego at Kansas City
Seattle at Philadelphia
San Francisco at Carolina
Tampa Bay at New Orleans
Cleveland at Arizona
Denver at Oakland
N.Y. Giants at Chicago
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh

Monday, Dec. 3

New England at Baltimore 8:30 pm

Thursday, Dec. 6

Chicago at Washington 8:15 pm

Sunday, Dec. 9

Carolina at Jacksonville
Dallas at Detroit
Miami at Buffalo
N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia
Oakland at Green Bay
Pittsburgh at New England
San Diego at Tennessee
St. Louis at Cincinnati
Tampa Bay at Houston
Arizona at Seattle
Minnesota at San Francisco
Cleveland at N.Y. Jets
Kansas City at Denver
Indianapolis at Baltimore

Monday, Dec. 10

New Orleans at Atlanta 8:30 pm

Thursday, Dec. 13

Denver at Houston 8:15 pm

Saturday, Dec. 15

Cincinnati at San Francisco

Sunday, Dec. 16

Arizona at New Orleans
Atlanta at Tampa Bay
Baltimore at Miami
Buffalo at Cleveland
Green Bay at St. Louis
Jacksonville at Pittsburgh
N.Y. Jets at New England
Seattle at Carolina
Tennessee at Kansas City
Indianapolis at Oakland
Detroit at San Diego
Philadelphia at Dallas
Washington at N.Y. Giants

Monday, Dec. 17

Chicago at Minnesota 8:30 pm

Thursday, Dec. 20

Pittsburgh at St. Louis

Saturday, Dec. 22

Dallas at Carolina

Sunday, Dec. 23

Cleveland at Cincinnati
Green Bay at Chicago
Houston at Indianapolis
Kansas City at Detroit
Miami at New England
N.Y. Giants at Buffalo
Oakland at Jacksonville
Philadelphia at New Orleans
Washington at Minnesota
Atlanta at Arizona
Baltimore at Seattle
N.Y. Jets at Tennessee
Tampa Bay at San Francisco

Monday, Dec. 24

Denver at San Diego 8:00 pm

Saturday, Dec. 29

New England at N.Y. Giants

Sunday, Dec. 30

Buffalo at Philadelphia
Carolina at Tampa Bay
Cincinnati at Miami
Dallas at Washington
Detroit at Green Bay
Jacksonville at Houston
New Orleans at Chicago
Pittsburgh at Baltimore
Seattle at Atlanta
San Francisco at Cleveland
Tennessee at Indianapolis
Minnesota at Denver
San Diego at Oakland
St. Louis at Arizona
Kansas City at N.Y. Jets


Wild Card Weekend
Saturday, Jan. 5

AFC Wild Card Game (NBC)

NFC Wild Card Game (NBC)

Sunday, Jan. 6

AFC Wild Card Game (CBS)

NFC Wild Card Game (FOX)

Divisional Playoffs
Saturday, Jan. 12

AFC Divisional Playoff Game (CBS)

NFC Divisional Playoff Game (FOX)

Sunday, Jan. 13

AFC Divisional Playoff Game (CBS)

NFC Divisional Playoff Game (FOX)

Conference Championships
Sunday, Jan. 20 (CBS and FOX)

AFC Championship Game (CBS)

NFC Championship Game (FOX)

Super Bowl XLII
Sunday, Feb. 3 -- University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Ariz.

AFC Champion vs. NFC Champion (FOX)

AFC-NFC Pro Bowl
Sunday, Feb. 10 -- Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii



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I know this is a little early but I figured I would go ahead and put it up while I'm thinking about it. This will help some of you to not have to go search if you have a question of scheduling and scores.

I will keep track of scores and update as soon as I can through the season.

Please keep posting to this topic to a minimum. If you want to talk about "the game", make a topic for it. Outside of that lets get ready for preseason.
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