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Here are the ones I have collected so far if you find more respond below or PM me and i'll add them to the ever growing list.

Discount Tire: http://www.discounttiremotorsports.c...eroCards.shtml Brad K. Cards
3-M: 3M Worldwide: Contact 3M 3 Greg Biffle hero cards
Aaron’s: http://www.aarons.com/contact.aspx Got a Michael Waltrip and a Mark Martin
Cat: http://www.cat.com/contact Got 2 Jeff Burton Cards
Alliance Truck Parts: https://www.facebook.com/#!/alliance...05602689525263 1 Sam Hornish Car
5-Hour Energy: http://www.5hourenergy.com/contactus.asp Got 2 Clint Bowyer hero cards
M&M: http://www.mms.com/us/legal/feedback.jsp Got 1 Kyle Busch Card
G-Oil: http://www.getg.com/contact.php Got 1 Card
Chris Fontaine: [email protected] Got 1 Autoed Card
Reese: http://www.cequentconsumerproducts.com/Cequent/Contact 1 Bobby Labonte Card
AARP: [email protected] Got Jeff Gordon Cards
NAPA: https://www.napaonline.com/contact-us.aspx
PEAK Performance: Contact PEAK (2) Different Danica’s
Go Daddy: [email protected] (1) 2012 Nationwide Danica & (1) 2012 Sprint Cup Danica
Office Depot: https://www.officedepot.com/customerservice/customerServiceDisplay.do;jsessionid=0000jwF4ycRGZXtSNcanXKWejPZ:13ddpq5n2 (2) 2012 Smoke
AFLAC: http://www.aflac.com/apps/contact_us.aspx (1) 2012 Cousin Carl
Lowe's: http://www.lowes.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ContactUsCategoryFAQPageView? (2) Different 2012 Jimmie Johnsons
Great Clips: http://www.greatclips.com/Com/about-us/contact-us (1) 2012 Kahne & Sweet
South Point Hotel Casino: [email protected] (3) AUTOGRAPHED 2012 Brendan Gaughan, (1) key chain, & (1) Credential Holder Strap
BB&T: https://www.bbt.com/bbt/apps/contact/corporate.asp
Stanley/Dewalt: [email protected]
CertainTeed: http://www.certainteed.com/forms/contactUs.aspx
Mama Lucia: Contact Quaker Maid
Jeremy Clements: Contact | Jeremy Clements Racing
Mtn Dew/Pepsi: http://cr.ampenergy.com/usen/ampusen.cfm?date=20110514
Shell: [email protected]
Smithfield: Contact Us
Fastenal: [email protected]
Pizza Hut Brothers: [email protected] 1 Kevin Harvick
Outback Steakhouse: http://www.outback.com/contactus/generalcomment.aspx 1 Ryan Newman
Copper Standard: [email protected]
Interstate Batteries: [email protected]
Dollar General: Dollar General Contact Form
Subway: [email protected]
Kelloggs: http://www2.kelloggs.com/ContactUs.aspx
Izod: http://izod.com/contact.aspx
Sam's Club: http://www.jeffreyearnhardt.com/contact/ 2 Signed Jeffery Earnhardt Cards
Georgia Boots: http://www.georgiaboot.com/ContactUs/
Furniture Row: http://www.furniturerow.com/contactUs/index.jsp?f=CS
K-Love: Positive & Encouraging K-LOVE - Positive Encouraging K-LOVE
Federated Auto Parts: [email protected]
Quicken Loans: Contact Us | Quicken Loans Racing
Monster: Monster Energy Drink® | Unleash The Beast - Contact Us
Ollie’s: http://www.olliesbargainoutlet.com/contact/contact.aspx
Jimmy Johns: http://www.jimmyjohns.com/common/comments.aspx
AAA: [email protected]
WRL: WRL General Contractors, Ltd.
Amfmenergy: [email protected]
General Mills Wheaties: http://www.generalmills.com/en/ContactUs.aspx
G&K: [email protected]
Nationwide Insurance: https://www.nationwide.com/contact-us/mailform.x?language=en
MRO: Motor Racing Outreach | Serving the Motor Sports Community Since 1988
Truecar Racing: [email protected]
Steak-Umm: Contact Steak-umm
Crusader: [email protected]
Rockwell Tools: https://www.rockwelltools.com/US/Support.aspx
Husky Liners: http://www.huskyliners.com/Contact-Us
SKF: http://www.vsm.skf.com/en-US/AboutSKF/ContactUs.aspx
Castrol: http://www.castrol.com/castrol/genericformsdisplay.do?formId=6030049&categoryId=9040507&contentId=6030785
Kingsford: http://www.kingsford.com/contact-us/
Z-Line: http://www.z-linedesigns.com/contact
Seal Wrap: https://shop.sealwrap.com/contactus.sc
Valvoline: http://www.valvoline.com/our-business/contact-us
Finchum Racing: [email protected]
McGuire Racing: [email protected]
Brandt: [email protected]
Elliott Sadler: [email protected]
Gainsco: http://www.gainscoracing.com/race_club/club_autographs.asp
Sport Clips: http://www.sportclips.com/Join/Contact.php
Cassie Gannis: http://cassiegannisracing.com/Scheduling_and_Fan_Page.php
Rheem: http://www.rheem.com/contact.aspx
JD Motorsports: http://www.jdavismotorsports.com/contactUs.cfm
Advance Pierre: http://www.advancepierre.com/Contact-Us/Consumer.aspx
Peanut Patch: [email protected]
Kyle Larson: [email protected]
Pizza Ranch: Pizza Ranch - Contact Form
Cargill Steak: https://www.emailtracker.cargill.com...rmExt?OpenForm
Farmers: https://www.farmers.com/contact_us.html
Presbyterian Heathcare: https://www.presbyterian.org/contact_us/
Jennifer Jo Cobb: [email protected]
CSX: Contact Us - CSX
Michael McGuire: [email protected]

Automatic Fire Sprinklers: Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Inc. :: Fire Sprinklers Save Lives!
Valvoline: [email protected]
Consol Energy: CONSOL Energy: Contact Us Form
Draw-Tite: Contact - Draw-Tite
BugBand: Customer Service | BugBand Natural Insect Repellent
Billy Kann: Billy Kann | Facebook
Champion Spark Plugs: Federal-Mogul - Contact Us
Akinori Ogata: [email protected]
David Thorndyke: [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]
Cameron Hayley: [email protected]
Transportation Impact: 2012 Transportation Impact Hero Card Request
Eckrich: http://www.eckrich.com/contact
BYF: Contact Us - Build Your Future: Careers in construction
Zach Veach: [email protected]zachVeach.com
Royal Purple: Contact Royal Purple | High Performance Lubricants
Aspen Dental: Aspen Dental - Contact Us
Keen Parts: [email protected]
A.E.R: [email protected]
Mac Tools: [email protected]
WIX Filters: WIX Filters : Contact
LiftMaster: http://liftmaster.custhelp.com/app/ask/
Bass Pro Shops: https://basspro.custhelp.com/app/ask
Starett:Contact Us
Zest:Zest Soap | Contact | Zestfully Clean « Zest
DAB Construction:[email protected]
Tobacco Free Florida:[email protected]

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Diecast CraZy
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was the shell lady the one that didn't like her e-mail given out?
Not sure just founbd it looking on the 2012 Hero Card Thread, if I need to change it I can.

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I'm too tired to do any tonight. I know what I'll Be doing when I get home tomarrow!

Thanks for the e-mails!

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The Chris Fontaine and Labonte have the same link lol


Thanks for the links and thread!

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Woo hoo thanks for the list man.

XC Crazy
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Thanks for the list. How were you able to get aarp? They siad they never made cards. I want one so badly
Again thanks

Diecast CraZy
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Thanks for the list. How were you able to get aarp? They siad they never made cards. I want one so badly
Again thanks
Your guys are all welcome but someone posted that they were getting some from that link.
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