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First and Foremost, a huge sincere Thank You to WBD Custom Diecast for making/producing these two diecast from 2020 for me.

Why these two diecast were not produced by Lionel (in either scale) still boggles my mind. I spent many Saturday afternoons/evenings following the MRN radio and Nascar's live feeds following the Xfinity series races last year, cheering on Chase Briscoe in the beautiful HighPoint.com paint schemes. I pre-ordered the regular scheme diecast early last year, could not believed it when they were cancelled/did not make MOQ. Still hoped that Chase would win the title and force Lionel's hand to make the diecast, but that did not happen. Still had hope that the small number of 1/24th diecast produced would be of the proper paint scheme, but no, the sides were of the Ford Performance Racing School scheme/his early season Darlington win.

I have posted several times that if there are Custom Diecast producers that wanted my Business that Lionel clearly did not want, I would spend my money with those Custom Diecast people.

Thank you WBD Custom Diecast.


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nice addscongrats. Sometime I dont get it , I feel the same about the Raphael Lessard talladega win , why they produce almost all of the race win and they skip this one. I was very disapointed , to the point that I decide to make my own one for my personnal collection . If he never win I can understand but when they got a win they should make it in my opinion.

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