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I must echo Fishin's comments, I think the fines and all are pretty much what everone expected. Some wanted more and wont be happy until these drivers are run out of NASCAR! :rofl:

As far as Hendrick doing and saying his part, its pretty standard procedure for an owner.

The only thing I would mention is the term "cheater" being tacked to JR, Jimmy or any of them. The drivers are not the ones out there fabricating these fenders or any of that. It is a crew chief's job to push the envelope, it is how progress is made, it is what separates the leaders from the followers, so I have no problem with any of it. A "cheater" to me would be someone out there cutting break lines on his competitors cars, or a teammate wrecking somebody for his owners benefit or something like that ... but that is just me.

Even if this is considered cheating to someone, it is kind of silly to label Dale Jr a cheater because his team tried some modifications they hoped would give the team an edge. It would be like labeling Peyton Manning a cheater because the coach gave the offensive linemen extra long cleats or something. JMO
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