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Got these 3 diecast from e-bay within the last week. I was looking for the 02 #1 Harvick IROC and found one at a good price but it came with a 03 #21 Harvick payday scheme. Wasn't really in the market for a Payday but said what the heck and bid on them and won. Then I found the 03 #11 IROC so I had to get it to complete his IROC set.

1) 2003 Kevin Harvick #21 Payday

Automotive lighting Vehicle Beverage can Aluminum can Automotive design
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive lighting
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Toy

2) 2002 Kevin Harvick #1 True Value IROC

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Motor vehicle Toy

Product Fluid Material property Bumper Liquid

3) 2003 Kevin Harvick #11 True Value IROC

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive parking light

Automotive lighting Automotive design Bumper Camera accessory Camera lens

Toy Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Car

And last the 3 car IROC set !!! ( I already had the 04 #29 Crown Royal)

Vehicle Car Toy Motor vehicle Hood
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