Hello. I'm a long-time NASCAR fan who started collecting unopened 1:64 scale diecasts in the early 90's. I became a Racing Champions loyalist and completionist because they were the dominant retail brand of the time and had deals with nearly every team. By the early 2000's most teams/drivers had left Racing Champions so I decided to give up on the hobby. A few years ago I decided to get back into it to make a run at finishing what I started back then and completing a 'full field' of 1980's & 1990's Cup/BGN cars to keep (Racing Champions whenever possible and mixing in other brands only for cars that RC never produced).

In doing this I've ended up with several duplicates through purchasing diecast lots and I also have a lot of excess inventory of 2000's cars and other RC variations that I've decided to not keep any more (Craftsman Trucks, stock rods, program/event cars, test cars, gold cars, chrome cars, etc.). I've sold a lot of them on eBay with the same user name over the past few years (with a feedback rating of over 800 with zero negatives) but the rising fees and new selling limits have left me looking for another way to make them available. I'm not on social media but I've enjoyed browsing this forum anonymously for a while now and appreciate the knowledge that Billy and others have shared through their posts and guides, so I thought I'd give this a try. I have an Excel spreadsheet (or PDF if you don't have Office) with over 600 unopened and individually priced 1:64 scale NASCAR diecasts on it (this forum required me to list a price so I just chose $2, some are priced higher and some are priced lower). The vast majority are 1991-2004 Racing Champions but there are a few other years and brands mixed in as well. If you might be interested in anything from this era feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I'd be glad to e-mail you the full list. I only ship within the U.S. and can accept Paypal. Thanks!