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I have these diecast that I am considering selling. They're some of my favorites, but money is tight and I found another diecast that I have been hunting down for a while that I would like to make a run at. If interested, please PM me and I will give you a price, but for now I am still thinking about the prices I would like to get for these. I can also give you pictures if you want, just ask. Here they are:

1997 "Tricky" Rickie Smith Carrier 1/24 scale Pro Stock diecast - 1 of 1500

1979 Kenny Bernstein Budweiser Plymouth Arrow 1/24 Funny Car - 1 of 2500

2000 Darrell Waltrip #66 KMART / Route 66 Victory Tour 24KT Gold 1/24 - 1 of 2000

1998 Joe Amato Tenneco Top Fuel Dragster 1/24 - 1 of 1200

2001 Doug Kalitta KISS Top Fuel Dragster 1/24 - 1 of 6000

2000 Ron Ayers 1/9 scale Pro Stock Bike w/Rider - 1 of 6504

2001 Revell Tony Pedregon Castrol Syntec Test Car 1/24 Funny Car - 1 of 3504

1995 Warren Johnson GM Performance Parts Oldsmobile Pro Stock 1/24 - 1 of 1500

2000 Jeff Gordon Dupont / Charlotte May 2000 1/18 - 1 of 2004

Shelly Anderson Halvoline Parts America NEVER PRODUCED PROTOTYPE 1/24 Top Fuel Dragster - NOTE: This dragster is missing a small piece located on the top of the dragster, where the M and E would have been in "Parts America". This is noticeable as it is one of the main pieces on top of the dragster. I don't know if it was lost by the person I originally purchased it from, or if it came directly from Action this way.

Please PM me if interested. Thanks.
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