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I don't know who to ask about this so I will just throw it out and see what the response is.
I belong to another site that the board host has a car made up every year to commemorate the year.
This will be the third year, and they are ordered and should be here soon. The last two years they were (and will be this year also) 1/64th scale ADC dirt late-models. They are always the same number, but the paint schemes vary and the sponsors on the car are guys who help on the board and those who have links on their site to the board and vice-versa.
If anyone is interested LMK and w/permission I will look into it for here, and if wanted, I will post pics of the last two years cars from there.
I will need the money up front like a pre-order and they must all be spoken for and paid for before they can be ordered. I would float it and try to sell them, but it's not cheap, and I am disabled and on a fixed income so I can't afford to do it on my own.
They are really cool! Hope to hear from some of you on this.
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