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Adam Petty life, legacy to be preserved at Petty Museum

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By Tom Jensen

Third-generation racer Adam Petty perished in a crash at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in May 2000, but his spirit and memory live on in Victory Junction Gang Camp, which his family built to serve children with serious illnesses.
Adam's brother, Austin, tweeted that several of Adam's cars are headed to the Petty Museum in Randleman, North Carolina, where they will go on display.
Looks like the museum will be getting some excellent new additions soon, and visitors will be able to learn more about the life and legacy of Adam Petty.

Austin Petty ‎@AustinPetty45
Adams ARCA Spree car and Sprint @TXMotorSpeedway Cup car making there way to there new home @PettyMuseum
5:53 PM - 25 Feb 2016

Austin Petty ‎@AustinPetty45
Last one to go is Adams Late Model Stock car @PettyMuseum has got a lot of good memories
1:34 PM - 26 Feb 2016

Austin Petty ‎@AustinPetty45
Moving to @PettyMuseum is Adams ASA car he ran for his fallen crew chief Chris Bradley.
1:13 PM - 26 Feb 2016

Austin Petty ‎@AustinPetty45
Next in the move Adams Daytona and Dega 2000 Bush speedway car. New home at @PettyMuseum
1:04 PM - 26 Feb 2016

Adam Petty cars headed for display at Petty Museum in Randleman, North Carolina
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It's good to see them honor him . I can only imagine what racing would have been like with him behind the wheel of the 45 car. He will be forever remembered.
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I honestly think he would of been one of the great ones...Its a real shame his life ended so early.
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